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Home Travel in Hainan Wenchang Confucius Temple
Wenchang Confucius Temple

   Wenchang Confucius Temple
Wenchang Confucius Temple
(wén chāng kǒng miào 文昌孔庙) is located in Wenchang City (wén chāng shì 文昌市) of Hainan Province (hǎi nán shěng 海南省). It was originally built in the Northern Song Dynasty (běi sòng 北宋), and relocated to Wenchang in the Ming Dynasty (míng cháo 明朝). It is the best preserved ancient architecture in Hainan, and it is also the most unique tourist attraction in South China. It is crowned as the No. 1 temple in Hainan.

   Zhuangyuan Bridge
Wenchang Confucius Temple covers an area of 3300 square meters. It is compact in layout and also bilateral from left to right. There are the Lingxing Gate (líng xīng mén 棂星门), Panchi Pool (pàn chí 泮池), Zhuangyuan Bridge (zhuàng yuán qiáo 状元桥) and the statue of Confucius. Beside the bridge, there is an ancient well, called Saint Spring (shèng quán 圣泉). The water is clear and sweet, and never dry for hundreds of years. The main architectures in the rear courtyard are the Dacheng Gate (dà chéng mén 大成门) and Dacheng Hall (dà chéng diàn 大成殿). In front of the Dacheng Gate, there stands the statue of Confucius. Dacheng Hall is wooden, with primitive simplicity. In the hall, there are the tabernacle, statue, stele and credence.

   Dacheng Hall
Most buildings in the temple are carved with flowers, birds and animals. In the halls beside the rear courtyard, there exhibits the works of famous painters and calligraphors. Every year, people will hold the activities of sacrificing Confucius.

Wenchang Confucius Temple
Address: No. 77 Wendong Road (wén dōng lù 文东路), Wenchang City
Admission fee: CNY 15
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Transportation: you can take a taxi at Wenchang Bus Station to get there