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Home Travel in Hainan Nanwan Monkey Island
Nanwan Monkey Island

   Monkeys on the island
Nanwan Monkey Island
(nán wān hóu dǎo 南湾猴岛) is located in Lingshui County (líng shuǐ xiàn 陵水县) of Hainan Province (hǎi nán shěng 海南省). It is the only island reserve for monkeys in China as well as in the world. Surrounded by the ocean on three sides, the island is green all year round, with more than one thousand monkeys living there.

Monkey playing on the treeThe island takes an area of about 9 square kilometers, 14 kilometers long, with the evarage height of 150 meters. For its mild climate and rich rain, the coconut trees, lichee trees and jackfruits and carambola trees can be found everywhere. Therefore, the island is an ideal place for the monkeys to live.

Monkeys playing with touristsIn the island, there are several groups of monkeys have been domesticated. You can take photo for them or with them. When the monkey keeper feed them, monkeys will come by leaps and bounds once they hear the whistling. That is the best time for you to watch these monkeys. You can buy some nuts before you come to the island, and then you make friends with these monkeys easily.

On the island, you can appreciate the comic sketch and circus performed by the monkey. Besides, you can take the cableway to appreciate the scenery of the whole island.

Cableway Nanwan Monkey Island
Location: Xincun Town (xīn cūn zhèn 新村镇), Lingshui County, Hainan Province
Admission fee: CNY 138
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m.m – 5:00 p.m.
Transportation: you can take bus in Lingshui to Xincun, and get off at the terminus, then take a 300 meters walk to the cableway to the island