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Longhong Natural Scenic Area
Travel in Guangxi

   Longhong Scenic Area
Longhong Natural Scenic Area
(lóng hóng zì rán fēng jǐng qū 龙洪自然风景区) is located at Longhong County (lóng hóng xiàn 龙洪县), Hechi City (hé chí shì 河池市) of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region (guǎng xī zhuàng zú zì zhì qū 广西壮族自治区). It is in the river basin of Longhong Stream (lóng hóng xī 龙洪溪). Longhong Natural Scenic Area is famous for its rurality. The river curved round the hill and the vegetation are all green and luxurious. It is an ideal place for vacation or recuperation.

The major scenic spot in Longhong are the Sword Testing Pool (bì tán shì jiàn 碧潭试剑), Dressing-up Fairy Maiden (shén nǚ shū zhuāng 神女梳妆), Joining Banyan (jiāo kē àn róng 交柯岸榕), Fairy Scrutch Spanning the Stream (xiān zhàng shè bō 仙杖涉波) and Guanyin Fu Spring (guān yīn fú quán 观音福泉).

Baimo CaveLongxi Stream is originated from the Baimo Cave (bǎi mò dòng 百漠洞), which is on the east of Pofeng Village (pō fēng cūn 坡丰村). To the south of the cave there is a green pool. When the light shines in, the pool reflects the scene in the cave. Near the entrance of the cave, there are four stone pillars, reaching high into the sky. The stalactites hanging on the roof of the cave are like the sword, which are nearly touching the water, hence the name Sword Testing Pool. There are green Chinese vine hanging on the entrance of the cave, like the curtain. Standing on the stone dam outside the cave, you can have a bird’s view of the clean water and the green mountain.

On the left side of Baimo Cave, the mountain is like a tower, high up into the sky. The paddy fields at the foot of the mountain are orderly. The slope of the mountain is covered with green vegetation. The cliffs from the slope to the top of the mountain are arduous, with trees and grasses growing among them. In front of the mountain, there is a pool. All of these make the mountain like a fairy maiden dressing up in front of the pool.

Longhong Scenic Area100 meters away from the east Pofeng Village, there are two ancient Banyans growing opposite to each other on the banks of the river. The branch of the trees are growing horizontally, and joining with each other upon the water. It is like two old men are shaking hands with each other. It also looks like a huge umbrella covering the surface of the river. The joining branch is 2 meters above the water. When you take a boat going through it, the leaves and branch will touch you. It is like a rainbow spanning over the river.

500 meters away to the east of Pofeng Village, there is a mountain abrupt, which is 200 meters high. The mountain is covers with luxurious trees. Near the mountain top, there is a escarpment, which is like the face of a human being. Looking from afar, it is like the Buddha Guanyin sitting there. At the foot of the mountain, there is a spring, warm in winter and cool in summer. It is called Happiness Spring (fú quán 福泉).

Besides the gorgeous natural scenery, Longhong is also famous for centenarians, which is also due to the benign environment.

Longhong Natural Scenic Area
Location: Longhong County, Hechi City
Admission fee: free
Opening hours: all day
Transportation: you can take a bus in Hechi City to Longhong County