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Home Travel in Guizhou Nidang Stone Forest
Nidang Stone Forest

   Nidang Stone Forest
Nidang Stone Forest
(ní dàng shí lín 泥凼石林) is located at the southern part of Xingyi City (xīng yì shì 兴义市). It is 47 kilometers away from the urban area. The stone forest was naturally formed during the Paleozoic Era. It is 4 kilometers long from east to west, and 2 kilometers long from south to north, covering an area of more than 3000 mu (mǔ 亩).

Nidang Stone ForestNidang Stone Forest can be divided into two parts, namely, the front part and the rear part. The front part is located in the region of Fengbowan (fēng bō wān 风波弯) and Daijiaba (dài jiā bà 戴家坝). The limestone peak, pillars, and shoots scatter here and there. Some of them are like running animals, some are like human. All of them are in different shapes. On the wall of the Lijiawan Cave (lǐ jiā wān zǐ róng Nidang Stone Forestdòng 李家弯子溶洞), there is a stone dragon, opposite to the stone tiger in Daijiaba.

The back part of the Nidang Stone Forest is also called Longjia Stone Forest (lóng jiá shí lín 龙戛石林). It is greater and more wonderful than the front part. Various limestone peaks scatter on the 300-mu gentle slope, looking like a thick forest covering all the sky. The Qingtian Pillar (qíng tiān zhù 擎天柱) stands tall and straight, the Jianfeng Stone (jiàn fēng shí 剑锋石) is sharp and erect. There is one stone like an old man climbing the cliff with the cane, which is alike not only in shape but also in spirit. Some stones are like the monkey looking over the moon, some are like a group of elephants fighting over the water, some are like the baby tigers playing with each other, and some are like mushrooms. All of them are vivid and true to life.

Nidang Stone ForestIn the stone forest, there is a valley called Yixiantian (yī xiàn tiān 一线天), located in front of the Hutiao Rock (hǔ tiào yán 虎跳岩). In the valley, you can just see a ray from the sky. The Bieyoudongtian (bié yǒu dòng tiān 别有洞天) in the stone forest can hole more than 10 people. The cool wind from the skylight will drive your exhaustion away. The most amazing scene is the two Chinese characters “山川" formed by Nidang Stone Forestsix limestone peaks, which are more powerful and vigorous than that of the calligraphers from ancient to modern times.

Near the Nidang Stone Forest, there is a White Horse Cave (bái mǎ dòng 白马洞), which is more than 500 meters deep. The stalactites in the cave are white and crystal and in various shapes. You can step to the Malu Slope (mǎ lù pō 马路坡), watch the sunrise and appreciate the changeable clouds.

Nidang Stone Forest
Location: 42 kilometers to Xingyi City
Admission fee: RMB 5
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Transportation: you can take a minibus at the Xingyi Bus Station to Nidang Stone Forest