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Beihai Silver Beach
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   Beihai Silver Beach
Beihai Silver Beach
(běi hǎi yín tān 北海银滩) is located at the southeast side of Beihai City (běi hǎi shì 北海市), 10 kilometers from the urban area. Beihai Silver Beach stretches 24 kilometers and varies in width from 30 to 300 meters, with a total area of 38 square kilometers. It is regarded as the Oriental Hawaii (dōng fāng xià wēi yí 东方夏威夷).

Best Beach in ChinaBeihai Silver Beach boasts five characteristics: long beach, white and fine sand, warm and clean water, gentle waves as well as being safe and free from sharks in swimming area, therefore, it wins a reputation as the best beach in China.

The tide rises slowly and recedes fast, so the beach remain extremely clean, whose transparency is more than 2 meters, twice of the national standard. Owing to its natural advantages, the beach is regarded as the most ideal resort for beach bathing and sports in the southern region of China as well as one of the top 35 scenic areas in China.

Beihai Silver BeachIn the middle of the beach, there is a Fairy Bridge (xiān rén qiáo 仙人桥), with one end connected with the land. It is said that the bridge was originally the rainbow in the sky. Besides the bridge, there is a pavilion named Sanguan Pavilion (sān guān tíng 三观亭), which is surrounded by thick pine forests. It is the best place for you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sunrise, the vast ocean and the green forests. In the Beach Park, there is the musical fountain, which is the largest in Asia.

Musical FountainBesides, Beihai Silver Beach Park offers a lot of unique tourism programs such as beach bathing, yachting, motor boating, go-kart alongside traditional beach pursuits such as volleyball and football.

Beihai Silver Beach
Location: Yintan Road (yín tān dà dào 银滩大道), Beihai City
Admission Fee: Free
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:50 p.m.
Transportation: you can take bus No. 3 to get there or you can take a taxi from downtown Beihai City