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Hengdian Movie/TV Base
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 Hengdian Movie/TV Base
Hengdian Movie/TV Base
(héng diàn yǐng shì chéng 横店影视城) is located in the Hengdian Town (héng diàn zhèn 横店镇), Dongyang City (dōng yáng shì 东阳市) of Zhenjiang Province (zhè jiāng shěng 浙江省). It is the largest movie/TV base in Asia, and is crowned as the No. 1 Town in the south region of the Yangtze River (jiāng nán dì yī zhèn 江南第一镇) and the Oriental Hollywood (dōng fāng hǎo lái wù 东方好莱坞).

Emperor Qin's PalaceAt present, the Hengdian Movie/TV Base is with the most shoot scene, the most complete supporting facilities within China. It also has been a hot destination of tourism.

There are 12 branches of the Hengdian Movie/TV Base, which totally covers an area of 4963 mu. It is the largest movie/TV Base within China as well as in Asia. The Emperor Qin’s Palace (qín wáng gōng 秦王宫), Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival (qīng míng shàng hé tú 清明上河图) and the palaces of Ming and Qing Dynasty (míng qīng 明清) are great and are the largest among all the similar bases in China.

Palace of Ming and Qing DynastyIn the Dazhi Temple (dà zhì chán sì 大智禅寺), the statue of Sakyamuni in the Great Buddha’s Hall (dà xióng bǎo diàn 大雄宝殿) is 28. 88 meters high. It is the largest among all the indoor Buddha statues in China.

From 1996 to 2003, the movie/TV base has received more than 200 film production crews, and makes more than 4000 volumes.

According to the statistics, Hengdian has the largest number of figurants, which is up to 1200 by the year 2003. Besides, Hengdian has the largest indoor film studio, which is 1944 square kilometers and with the height of 23 meters.

Riverside Scene at Qingming FestivalHengdian Movie/TV Base
Location: Hengdian Town, Dongyang City
Admission fee: RMB 305 totally, the admission fee of every scenic spot is varied from RMB 15 to RMB 50
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Transportation: there are many buses can take you there