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Opening Bank Accounts in China
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When you come to China, it will be more convenient for you if you open a Chinese bank account. Opening a Chinese bank account is actually an easy process, not a nightmare for you as you might expect.

The only actual needed document for a basic account is your passport. You need neither proof of address nor proof of income. When you enter the bank, don’t bother the counter. You can head for an information desk and express the desire to open an account. They will give you a bilingual form. But it is better for you to ask the information desk staff to fill it out for you – they are more careful than you and probably have neater handwriting.

Business Hall of the BankOne thing you should pay attention to is the name. Make sure that the name on the form matches the name on your passport exactly. Otherwise there’s a chance the money won’t get through for the computer system will regard the wrong name as another account. If you want internet or mobile banking, you can request these at the same time. When the forms are completed, you can hand over them and your first deposit, 10 yuan for minimum. Some banks will charge 15 yuan for the cost of the bank card, such as The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). Whenever you get the card, you will be asked to set a six digit pin. The password of your internet banking needs to be changed into the pin with numbers and letters on the online bank after you get home. Don’t forget it.

ICBC1. Many foreigners assume that though the Bank of China sounds like the most reliable bank, it doesn’t provide the best customer service. The ICBC and the Merchant’s Bank tend to get better reports.

2. The branch bank near concentrations of foreigners, for example, near a university or central business district, are more likely to provide English services.

3. You’d better not to go too far to find a branch, because there are some services you have to turn up at the branch in which you open your account, such as reset your password of your bank account. So it will be convenient for you to open bank account in the branch nearby.


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