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China Folk Cultural Village
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  China Folk Cultural Village
China Folk Cultural Village
(zhōng guó mín sú wén huà cūn 中国民俗文化村) is located adjacent to the Splendid China (jǐn xiù zhōng huá 锦绣中华) theme park, it displays the daily life and architecture of China's 56 ethnic groups. It was opened to the public in October 1991. China Folk Cultural Village covers an area of 200 thousand square meters, including 25 villages, houses and streets which were built according to the ratio of 1:1.

Distinctive Architecture
Buyi NationalityWhen coming to the Mosuo (mó suō 摩梭) people's yard, you will find that the prototype of modern flats are originated from the Mosuo people's living structures. They pile the solid wooden stocks crossways into a square or rectangular house which is quakeproof. What really makes you interested is that this group is the world's only matriarchal community in existence today. The Dai (dǎi zú 傣族) ethnic group inhabits Yunnan Province (yún nán shěng 云Zhuang Zhai南省), where there is an abundance of bamboo, because of this, all the girders, tiles and roofs in their homes are made entirely of bamboo, you may call it a “bamboo garden”. Actually, this kind of building is a two-storied attic in the air, dozens of wooden stocks support the whole attic and the floor is tiled with flakes of bamboo. The Mongol (méng gǔ 蒙古) ethnic group is generally known as “a group on horseback” because of their nomadic living habits. Mongols live in the yurts which are not only cool in summer and warm in winter but also easy to set up or dismantle. The stone village of the Buyi  ethnic group (bù yī zú 布依族) which is distributed mainly in Sichuan (sì chuān shěng 四川省) and Guizhou Provinces (guì zhōu shěng 贵州省), is a wonderful stone world. The simple furniture such as tables, stoves and basins are made of stone as well as the stone-paved path. No matter which group you are visiting, people there will welcome your arrival warmly.

Avalokitesvara Brilliant Festivals
At here, you can also experience some unique festivals of the minorities, including the Water-splashing Festival (pō shuí jié 泼水节) of Dai ethnic group, Torch Festival (huǒ bǎ jié 火把节) of Yi ethnic group (yí zú 彝族), Lusheng Festival (lú shēng jié 芦笙节) of Miao ethnic group (miáo zú 苗族) and Great Temple Fairs of Han nationality are celebrated in a magnificent manner. In the Water-Splashing Festival, water is splashed on each other, so come prepared to get thoroughly soaked. The Torch Festival is the most traditional event of the Yi ethnic group and held in the sixth month of the Chinese lunar calendar. Tourists will see the Yi people in bright garments carrying torches as they walk around their houses and farmlands. The dragon-boat contest each spring, maintains the most important event in Dai people's lunar calendar. They hope to get rid of evil and misfortune from the last year and anticipate blessings in the coming year. Usually, chickens or ducks will be sacrificed to pay homage to ancestors. Maybe you will be invited to take part in the performance when the villagers happily sing and dance around their bonfires.

Stone ForestIn China Folk Culture Village, you can also enjoy Yunnan Stone forest (yún nán shí lín 云南石林), Hainan Coconut trees (hái nán yē lín 海南椰林), Avalokitesvara (qiān shóu qiān yán guān yīn 千手千眼观音), Huizhou Memorial Archway Group (huī zhōu pái fǎng qún 徽州牌坊群) etc.. Apart from these, there are local snacks and handicrafts. You can choose various souvenirs from diverse designs and taste lots of snacks and delicious foods. In a word, you will have a better understanding of the Chinese culture after visiting China Folk Culture Village.

Address: Shen Nan Avenue (shēn nán dà dào 深南大道), Nanshan District (nán shān qū 南山区), Shenzhen
Admission fee: CNY 120 (including the ticket for Splendid China)
Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. (6:00 p.m. closing for Splendid China)
Bus: No. 26, 101, 105, 113, 204, 209, 21
Subway: Line 1 - Hua Qiao Cheng Station