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Wuling Mountain
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    Wuling Mountain
Wuling Mountain
(wù líng shān 雾灵山) is located at Miyun District (mì yún qū 密云区), northwest of Beijing (běi jīng 北京). The Wuling Mountain is selected as “the most beautiful mountain of Beijing suburb” by Internet users in 2007. With 2,118 meters above sea-level its main peak is also the main peak of Yanshan  Mountain (yān shān 燕山) range. The complexity of terrains and landforms decides its variety of climate. Wuling Mountain was known as Fuling Mountain (fú líng shān 伏凌山) originally. As the mountain is cloudy and foggy all the year round, Fuling Mountain then began to be called Wuling Mountain. It is regarded as the Yellow Mountain (huáng shān 黄山) in North China.

Wuling MountainThe complexity of terrains and landforms decides its variety of climate. There are 1,870 kinds of senior plants and 173 kinds of wild animals. It is a beautiful natural scenery with numerous trees, springs and animals. The forest coverage of Wuling Mountain is high up to 93%, and it keeps a complete forest ecological system of temperate zone, earning the reputation of " Gene Bank of Species in North China "(huá běi wù zhǒng jī yīn kù 华北物种基因库), and " Green Pearl East of Beijing "(jīng dōng lǜ sè míng zhū 京东绿色明珠). The weather there is chageable. Sometimes it is sunny in the mountain but rainy at the foot of it. And in spring, the peach blossoms are blooming at the foot of the mountain while it is snowy on the mountain. Thus people always said that the weather there is different within three kilometers. The annual average temperature on Wuling Mountain is 7.6℃, and it is 17.6℃ even in the hottest period. It is called the cool land in North China.

Wuling MountainAs its unique location, abundant natural resource and fine environment, there forms a series of natural and cultural scenery. There is the only natural reserve for wild animals and forests—Wuling Mountain Natural Reserve (wù ling shān zì rán bǎi hù qū 雾灵山自然保护区), the observatory with the largest astronomical telescope in Asia—Xinglong Observation Station (xīng long tiān wén guān cè zhàn 兴隆天文观测站), Great Wall of Ming Dynasty (míng cháng chéng 明长城), and Liuliping Forest Park (liù lǐ ping sēn lín gōng yuán 六里坪森林公园).

Wuling ShanWuling Mountain
Location: Caojia Road (cáo jiā lù 曹家路), Xinchengzi Town (xīn chéng zǐ xiāng 新城子乡), Miyun County (mì yún xiàn 密云县)
Admission: RMB 91
Opening hours: 15th April to 15th October every year
Tel: 010-81022498,010-81021034

1. You’d better take more clothes for there are big differences in temperature in the mountain.
2. After climbing the mountain, you can have a taste of the family cuisine from a farmer’s household at the foot of the mountain.