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Kangxi Grassland
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      Kangxi Grassland
Kangxi Grassland (kāng xī cǎo yuán 康西草原) is located at the west of the Badaling Great Wall (bā dá lǐng cháng chéng 八达岭长城), Yanqing County (yán qìng xiàn 延庆县), Beijing (běi jīng 北京). It covers the area of 32,000 mu (mǔ 亩), and is regarded as the largest grassland in Beijing. At the west side of Kangxi Grassland, there is the Guanting Reservoir (guān tīng shuǐ kù 官厅水库) and Haituo Mountain (hǎi tuó shān 海坨山) at the north side. The green grassland, running horses, white Mongolian yurts (méng gǔ bāo 蒙古包), larkish cows and goats has added some unique Mongolian characteristics to Kangxi Grassland.

Kangxi GrasslandThe Kangxi Grassland is celebrated for superb scenery and large number of sheep and cattle. From late spring to summer, the grass begins to revives, like a cushion stretching out as far as one can see; innumerable flowers bloom, as if they are competing with each other for beauty.There are more than 50 kinds of plants on Kangxi Grassland, such as clovers and Chrysanthemum indiums and so on, which has provided rich food for the hares, foxes, moles and various birds. With the rising and falling sound of songs, horses dash in the scattering of Mongolian style yurts, sheep and cattle sport leisurely over the land. Owing to its geographical position, the grassland has a distinctive flavor with a perfect harmony of mountain, water, grass and animals.

Kangxi GrasslandThe average temperature at Kangxi Grassland is 8.4℃. It is cool in summer and it is the best summer resort in Beijing. There is the largest hippodrome within the mainland of China, and there is a professional club of equestrianism. Also there is a big folk-custom vacation village, where you can enjoy the different customs of different ethnic groups.

In summer, tourists can enjoy the beautiful scenery of grassland, as in winter tourists can enjoy the snow and ice scenery at Kangxi Grassland. You can ride a horse and running on the wide grassland. It is good place for you to enjoy the rural life and relax yourself.

Kangxi Grassland
Kangxi GrasslandLocation:
Westside of Badaling Great Wall, Yanqing County, Beijing
Admission: RMB 30
Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Tel: 010-69131601
You can take train at Beijing Railway Station (běi jīng zhàn 北京站) or Beijing South Railway Station (běi jīng nán zhàn 北京南站) and get off at the Kangzhuang Station (kāng zhuāng zhàn 康庄站).
There are buses from Desheng Men (dé shèng mén 德胜门) to Kangxi Grassland. The time for the bus is 7:00 – 9:00 in the morning, and 14:00 – 17:00 in the afternoon.
You can also take train No. 575, 577, 581 at Xizhimen Station (xī zhí mén zhàn 西直门站) and get off at Kangzhuang Station.