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China Billiards Expo 2009
Business & Office Supplies

cbeiDate: Sept. 9-12, 2009
Venue: Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Centre
Industry: Sporting Goods
City: Shanghai, China, [Asia]
Tel: +86-21- 34080618
Fax: +86-21- 54306577-8018

Exhibition Profile
CBE is the premier exhibition that dedicated to billiard & pool industry in China, which has the largest billiard market in the world. Our last show, CBE 2008 gathered the major names in this industry such as: Star, Shender, Longshen, Miki Co. Ltd., Master Cue, Biaoli, Laili, LP, Palko, LK.T, Riley, Meilin, Jianying, JinYing, Unique Cues and JinQiang etc.SMG, CCTV-5 and other major sports media reported CBE 2008 and about 5100 person visited this 4 day exhibiton.
Performances inside the expo floor given by Ronnie O'Sullivan, Dominic Dale, Stephen Hendry, Liang Wenbo and some women pool players attracted hundreds of billiard fans & medias and peaks the atmosphere.

Exhibitor's Profile
America-style billiards table, Britain-style billiards table, floriated billiards table, carom billiards table, Russia-style billiards table and all kinds of cues, score counter, bumper, chalk, special-purpose glove, lamp shade, tripod, special-purpose tablecloth, special-purpose slab stone and
billiards ornaments, billiard fittings, etc. and components and parts of all products; facility and apparatus for training institution, club, and all kinds of ball rooms and chamber; other platform sports products including table tennis, table football, shuffle-board, etc.

Shanghai Tiansheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-21-34080618
Fax: +86-21-54306576
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