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Jindaoxia Gorge

Sunshine Through

Jindaoxia Gorge (jīn dāo xiá 金刀峡), with an altitude of 880 meters, is located in the southwest of Huaying Mountain (huá yíng shān 华蓥山), north of Chongqing (chóng qìng 重庆). It is 90 kilometers away from Chongqing urban area. It is a "National AAA Tourist Area" and a newly-found natural landscape containing amazing primitive antique gorge.

WaterfallThe 6.5-km gorge is divided into two sections, with numerous caves in the upper section and adjacent quiet and secluded small lakes in the bottom section. Both combine together to form a virgin landscape. Jindaoxia, formed through hundreds of millions of years, is dominated by gorges and remote gully landscapes, and supported by karst landform and excellent scene; it has also a great number of potholes and the longest Ten-li Antique Plank Road (十里栈道)in China, which are very surprising.

Rocks MountainAlong this tour line, there are also "the first memorial arch in the eastern of Sichuan province" (chuān dōng dì yī pái fáng 川东第一牌坊), the ten thousand acres flower garden in the hometown of flowers and trees in China, and the Song dynasty ancient Taping temple (gǔ chà tǎ píng sì 古刹塔坪寺), the ancient Pianyan town (piān yán gǔ zhèn 偏岩古镇) which fromed a wonderful scene line combining with humaities and nature.


Water Sereen  
Deep Pond 
Water Falling Down on Rocks 
Lake Side

The main spots are: Sword-hiding Cave (cáng dāo dòng 藏刀洞), Tianquan Cave (tiān quǎn dòng 天犬洞), Shenying Gorge (shén yīng xiá 神鹰峡), Shitou Gorge (shī tóu xiá 狮头峡), Yixiantian (yī xiàn tiān 一线天), Sand Creek Lake (shā xī hú 沙溪湖), the Middle Gorge Natural Bathing Place (zhōng xiá tiān rán yù chǎng 中峡天然浴场), Heart-shape Pond (xīn xíng tán 心形潭) and so on. It is a good place for holiday, summer and returning to nature and is regarded to be a canyon of the most strategically located and difficult


Lake SideSearching the loneness at the bottom of the valley---an activity named "brook falling" (xī jiàng 溪降) has became the most characterful traveling hot spot of Jindaoxia valley. The brook falling is one kind of outdoor leisure activity which appears in recent years in our country. In the activity, you can glide or jump with a rope by the waterfall. It is a popular activity combined with traveling, leisure, athletics. You can experience the nature, cultivate courage and wisdom, meet the challenges through the activity. In addition, you can enjoy the streem, waterfall of Jindaoxia Gorge.

The Jindaoxia Gorge, well known for its steep hills, elegant waterfall, grotesque rocks, clear waters and strange caves, is like a fairyland. It has an ancient plank road built along the face of a cliff and visitors can enjoy an exciting ramble around the area.

Background:Mountain Stream
Chongqing has little frost and snow, much cloud and mist and abundant rainfall, especially in transition between summer and autumn. Its annual average temperature is about 18℃ with early spring, hot summer, short autumn and warm winter.
Location:Jindaoxia Town, Beibei District (běi bèi qū 北碚区), Chongqing City.
Traffic:Take bus to Jindaoxia at Jiangbei bus station (chóng qìng běi zhàn 重庆北站) or Beibei bus station (běi bèi qì chē zhàn 北碚汽车站).
Tel:023-68204917, 68203462
Ticket : 60 RMB
Tips :
The roads in Chongqing are steep, please prepare suitable shoes and clothes.
It is cool in the morning and night , please pay attention to keep warm.
In the style stronghold , you can enjoy the ethnic dance, the local flavour snacks, wine.