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Home Travel in Chongqing Simianshan Mountain
Simianshan Mountain

Peaceful Lake

Simianshan mountain ( miàn shān 四面山) is national top scenic spot. The famous scenic area of Simian Mountain is located in Jiangjin (jiāng jīn 江津), in the southwest of Chongqing. There are 420 thousand mu (亩) of broadleaf trees in the scenic area which is the only one forest belt of the same latitude in the world. It has 28 thousand hectors of evergreen broad-leaved forests that are the home to more than 2000 kinds of plants and animals also it includes 28 waterfalls and 8 lakes, all of which make up 128 scenic spots.

Bridge in AutumnThe simianshan mountain range extends about fifty kilometers. Many scenic spots are the secret works of nature. Within the mountain area, there are numerous lakes, waterfalls and brooks, which are famous for their clear and pure water.With its dense forests and grand mountains, with its graceful lakes and wonderful waterfalls, simianshan mountain is such a natural art that charms everyone.

Overlook of Simianshan mountainOverlooking from the top, one can see overlap of mountains, dense forests, and pure lakes forming a beautiful picture. The mountains spread hundreds of miles. The Mengbifeng (mèngfēng 梦笔峰), Lianrenyan (liàn rén yán 恋人岩), Shizishan (shī fēng 狮子山) and Xiangbiling (xiàng lǐng 象鼻岭) are formed by nature and are noted for the spectacles.

Simianshan mountain in Winter Dense Forest Simianshan mountain in fog

The Forest of Simianshan Mountain contains various kinds of trees. For this reason, it is recognized by the United Nations as one of the few natural species gene banks in the world. Many ancient plant species such as tulip poplar and spinulose fern tree are still growing healthily in the forest. While walking in the dense forest, tourists cannot help marveling at the ancient trees. It has twenty-eight thousand hectors of evergreen broad-leaved forests that are the home to one thousand and seven hundred kinds of plants and animals.

Landing Stage in Honghai Lake Honghai Lake in Mist Boats on Honghai Lake

As the soul of the Simianshan Mountain, a lot of waterfalls, lakes and streams in the area add the beauty. In the scenic spot, the water of Honghai Lake (hóng hǎi 洪海湖) is lustrous and clear, zigzagging in the deep mountains and valleys and vast forest. Boating on the lake makes people feel relaxed and happy.

Wangxiangtai the Waterfall of the Shuikou Temple with Rainbow Overlook of Wangxiangtai

The waterfalls of Simianshan are the most spectacular. All the big and small waterfalls fall down rapidly and fiercely, which lifts smog in the sky and makes a loud noise. People can feel its power kilometers away. The waterfall of the Shuikou Temple (shuǐ kǒu水口寺瀑布) with rainbow is 94 meters high. It’s hanging under a natural cave. The scenery is peculiar. Two waterfalls fall down together, which looks as if ducks are flying wing to wing. And Wangxiangtai (wàng xiāng tái望乡台瀑布), the highest waterfall in china, is the most spectacular waterfall in the Simian Mountains which is 152 meters high and 377 meters wide. The visitors are always shocked by the great power of the waterfall.

Back ground of  Simianshan Mountain :
It is high in the south and low in the north. The highest peak, Wugong Ridge, is 1709.4 meters above sea level; the lowest place is 560 meters above sea level. It covers an area of 240 square kilometers. It’s subtropical monsoon humid climate. The average temperature is 13.7 degrees centigrade. The average rainfall is 1522.3 centimeters.
Traffic : There are buses which can reach Jiangjin City or Simianshan Town at Chongqing bus station or chenjiaping (chén jiā píng 陈家坪) bus station. Or you can get to Jiangjin city by train or ship, and then go to Simianshan Town by bus.
Admission : 40 RMB
Best season to go : Both summer and winter.
Telephone : 023-47666010