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Home Travel in Hubei Qingjiang River
Qingjiang River

      Qingjiang River
With a total length of 425 kilometers, the Qingjiang River (qīngjiāng 清江) winds its way from west to east through Changyang (chángyáng 长阳) for 148 kilometers just like a bright pearl on the middle and lower reaches of Yangtze River. It originates Lichuan (lìchuān 利川), in Hubei Province and joins the Yangtze River in the city of Zhicheng (zhīchéng 枝城), Hubei. The water in the river is so clear that can be taken as a mirror, thus got the name of Qingjiang River. It is regarded as the "mother river of the Tujia ethnic group," the origin of the ancient Ba people (bārén 巴人). It is said that the Qingjiang River is as great as Three Gorges of the Yangtz River, as clear as the Li River (líjiāng 漓江) in Guilin (guìlín 桂林), and as graceful as the Xihu Lake (xīhú 西湖) in Hangzhou (hángzhōu 杭州). The mountains there are lofty and rugged. The water looks dark green, the rocks appear fantastic and the woods are lush and luxuriant. Qingjiang River is cool in summer and warm in winter. The enchanting scenery and rich Tujia ethnic culture have drawn many visitors from home and abroad to this southwest corner of Hubei Province.
Qingjiang River

The major scenic spots in Qingjiang River are Geheyan Dam (géhéyándàbà 隔河岩大坝) , Wuluozhongli Mountain (wǔluòzhōnglíshān 武落钟离山), Xianren Cave (xiānréndòng 仙人洞) and Chuangtan (chuǎngtān 闯滩).


Geheyan Dam (géhéyándàbà 隔河岩大坝)
Located at the entrance to the Pingluo Gorge (píngluóxiá 平罗峡) of the Lesser Three Gorges (xiǎosānxiá 小三峡) on the Qingjiang River, the project is a key state-listed one. With a length Geheyan Damof 674 meters, a height of 206 meters and a relative height of 156 meters for the gravity arch dam, the project spans the Qingjiang River like a huge dragon. When flood discharge happens, the sluice gates discharge the flood just like the Qiantang bore. Downstream the Geheyan Dam, there is the longest bridge with chain construction. It is 303 meters long, and its total bearing capacity is high up to 80 tons, just hold by the chains that secured over the banks.

Wuluo Zhongli Mountain

Wuluo Zhongli Mountain (wǔluòzhōnglíshān 武落钟离山)

Wuluo Zhongli Mountain (wǔluòzhōnglíshān 武落钟离山), is not high but abrupt. The main peak is 397.5 meters above the sea level, According to the historical records, it is the birthplace of Ba people, the forefather of Tujia Ethnic Minority (tǔjiāzú 土家族). The later generations built up some temples and pavillions that with ethnic characters. Climbing up the mountain you can enjoy the beautiful scene of the Qingjiang River, and trace the trajectory of the Tujia Ethnic Minority.

Xianren CaveXianren Cave (xiānréndòng 仙人洞)

There is a bizarre stone in Xianren Cave (xiānréndòng 仙人洞), called Changyangren Stone (chángyángrénshí 长阳人石), Xianxiang Grass (xiānxiāngcǎo 仙香草) with marvelous fragrance, and wild macaques. There is a spring called Smart Spring (cōngmíngquán 聪明泉). It is said that you will be smarter after drinking the water.

Chuangtan (chuǎngtān 闯滩)
ChuangtanThe total length of Chuangtan (chuǎngtān 闯滩) is 38.5 kilometers, the narrowest part is 15 meters and widest partmore than 200 meters. On the way you can not only experience the breathtakingand exciting dangerous shoal floating, but also can enjoy the dreamlike picture gallery, as well as the primitive and peculiar folk custom of Tujia ethnic minority group, thus it is reputed by people as the “No.1 Floating in China”. The best times for floating are among April to October every year, since the amount of water are large. Tourists will start the floating by rubber dinghy, during the travel, they will pass through 48 dangerous shoals, and 5 canyons, and the biggest fall is 4 meters. The quiet scenery can be enjoyed at the place where current is slow; while at the place where the current is rapid, waves splash, and may runagainst big stones, breathtaking and exciting, but also veryinteresting. The floating for the whole journey is 6 hours or so.

Qingjiang River
Location: Changyang Tujia Autonomous County (chángyángtǔjiāzúzìzhìxiàn 长阳土家族自治县), Yichang City, Hubei Province
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00
Tickets: RMB 130
Tel: 0717-5319721
It is convenient for you get there for it is 28 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Airport, 40 kilometers form Yichang Railway Station.


1. Qingjiang fish and shrimps and Lan beancurd are the famous dish in Qingjiang area, and the oil tea soup is the local specialties.
2. consume in the boat, you have to sign the bill first, and check out totally when you will leave the boat. 15% service tips will be required. Credit card and cash are both allowed.
3. Take care of yourselves in the boats. And take along anything precious and important with you, and protect them from the thieves, when you are out for dinner or visiting.