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China Puppet Theater
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China Puppet Theater

China Puppet Theater (zhōng guó mù ǒu jù yuàn 中国木偶剧院) is an integrative entertainment place specialized in providing service for the teenagers and children. And it is the sole professional theater that mainly focused on the performance of puppet show. China Puppet Art Troupe (China Puppet Art Entertainment Center), which is subordinated to Beijing Municipal Culture Bureau, was built up and used in 1995. The theater covers an area of 5,000 square meters, and it sets 670 audience seats. The acreage of its accessory amusement construction is 800 square meters. The theater owns the advanced light and acoustic equipment and other professional equipment.

China Puppet Theater Except for performing the puppet programs in China or foreign countries, the theater also conducts the various kinds of artistic programs relate to songs and dances, folk art, drama, acrobatics as well as screens the film. After the theater was founded, China Puppet Art Troupe made seven programs in the theater. For instance, the traditional programs, Rebellion in Heaven, Happy Festival, the shows of latest arranged foreign fairy tales, Beauty Fish, Puppet's Adventure, and Fairy Tale in spring, etc. The theater also receipt the shows of the troupes in domestic and abroad, such as Son of Fir (Shanzhizi in Pinyin) Puppet Troupe of Japan, German Shadow Play Troup, Yangzhou Shadow Play of China and etc.

Those performances are warmly welcomed by the teenagers and children in Beijing. The theater has established "Little Star Theater" and kept on conducting performances throughout the entire year. It has become the happy family of the children in every Saturday and Sunday. The "Little Puppet Club" attracts more than 2,000 children members. They often participate various kinds of activities held in the theater. And now they have become the faithful audiences of the puppet shows.

China Puppet Theater

China Puppet Theater sincerely organizes all kinds of shows and culture entertainment activities for the vast teenagers and children. It is aimed to let the children know about the nationality culture of their motherland, know about the customs in different countries in the world as well as provides talent edification and marvelous art enjoyment to the children.

China Puppet Theater Puppet shows are of great delight for people of any age. And when you watch a puppet show with your kids at the China Puppet Theater, you are sure to relive your sweet childhood memories. This only professional theater of China hosts performances by puppet troupes in three themed theaters. Children enjoy the popular classics like The Nutcracker, The Mermaid, Pinocchio and Chinese classics like The Monkey King. Watch your kids squeal over the sight of the well-equipped playground of this theater. All in all, this place assures a fun-filled experience for you and your kids.

Opening: Phone for details
Telephone: 6425 4847, 6424 3698
Add: A1, Area 1, Anhua Xili, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Address: No. A1, Anhuaxili, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

Bus Route: No.300, 302, 367, 387, 801, get off at Anzhenli.
Notes: Show times vary. Be sure to contact the theater or check online for tickets