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Home Travel in Beijing The Yunmengshan National Forest Park
The Yunmengshan National Forest Park
Travel in Beijing


The Yunmengshan National Forest Park (yún méng shān guó jiā sēn lín gōng yuán 云蒙山国家森林公园) lies at the border of Miyun District (mì yún xiàn 密云县) and Huairou District (huái róu xiàn 怀柔县). With its main peak rising more than 1,400 meters (4,600 feet) above the sea-level, the forest park covers a vast area of about 2,200 hectares (5,456 acres). A superb summer resort, the scenic area has soaring mountains, sheer precipitous cliffs, grotesque rocks, cascading waterfalls and running springs. The dense forests, the chirping birds and the changeable clouds add allure to the park. During July and August, the mountain is always veiled in mist. On sunny mornings, the sun pierces through the mist and the clouds and rises up into the sky slowly; magnificent and glorious.

The Yunmengshan National Forest Park With 90 percent of the area covered by a variety of trees, the park is characterized by luxuriant forests. A splendid variety of vegetation is distributed throughout the area, ranging from white birches and towering larches in high places to wild flowers on the hillsides. The birches, as spotlessly white as snow, are beautiful, tall and straight. Some pines pose as welcoming guests, some look like sleeping dragons, some look as if they are guarding a gate, and some appear as intimate lovers. These graceful trees make a fanciful natural art work. Wild animals such as antelopes and other types of deer can be frequently seen strolling through the forests.

The forest park also features peculiar stone peaks and clear waters. Some stone peaks stand in a cluster and resemble the luxuriant blooming of a giant lotus. Other stone peaks are visible in various shapes and sizes and are representative of swords, figures of Buddha, sleeping tigers, and peacocks. There are over 60 pools and more than 30 changeable and ceaseless The Yunmengshan National Forest Park waterfalls. With a breadth of about 30 meters (98 feet), the largest waterfall runs down from a height of over 80 meters (262 feet).

From April to May, the azaleas bloom in profusion on the hillsides. Set off by the endless sea of forests, the flowers are stunningly attractive. During July and August, tourists can roam over the cloud-wreathed mountain. In autumn, the forest park is abundant in kiwi fruit, kiskatom, chestnut and other fruits. A photography festival is held from March to October every year. With different levels of lodging places and food, various entertainment facilities and sightseeing alternatives, the scenic area caters to everyone from all walks of life.

Entrance Charge:
CNY 46
Caber Car:
CNY 80 (round-trip)
CNY 50 (one-way trip)
Opening Hours:
08:00-18:00 (April-the middle of November)
Bus Route:
916 or 936 (Dongzhimenwai-Huairou Bus Station) (东直门外-怀柔汽车站), then take a small bus to the Yunmengshan National Forest Park (云蒙山国家森林公园).
Take a tourist bus from Tiananmen (天安门) or Xuanwumen (宣武门) to the forest park (available on weekends and Chinese legal holidays from April 7 to October 15)

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