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Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall
Travel in Shanghai

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall

If you are awed by the incredible growth and immensity of the city of Shanghai then you should find the Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall an interesting place to learn more.

The Exhibition Hall is a six-story building, with two basement levels, which displays Shanghai's urban planning and development. Exhibitions include models of planned and recent developments, as well as Shanghai's history. The centerpiece of the exhibition is a huge scale model of the city of Shanghai, showing all existing and approved buildings. Visitors can view the model at "ground level", or ascend a gallery running around it for views from above.

Visitors can view the model at

Other features include historical photos of Shanghai and smaller exhibits that focus on other areas of Shanghai such as the Suzhou Creek area, Pudong Airport and the deep water port. Many exhibits are interactive and the English signs are very well done.

Ticket Price
Adult ticket 30 yuan
Adult group ticket (more than 20 persons) by introduction letter 24 yuan
Primary and junior high school living ticket (to be proved student card) 15 yuan
Old man (above 70 years old) ticket to be proved 15 yuan
Children below 120 cm accompany by adult, free
Soldier、retired senior-officer gain the ticket from the ticket-box to be proved
Exhibition hallThe ticket cannot be returned

How to Get There
The Urban Planning Exhibition Hall is located on the southeast corner of The People’s Square (Renmin Gongyuan, 人民公园), and the corner of Renmin Ave (People’s Avenue, Renmin Dadao, 人民大道) and Central Xizang Road (Xizang Zhong Lu, 西藏中路).

Opening Time: MON-THU 9:00-17:00 (stop booking at 16:00) 
                       FRI-SUN 9:00-18:00 (stop booking at 17:00)
Phone: +86 (0)21-6318-4477

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