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Miao Feng Shan
Travel in Beijing

Temple on Miao Feng ShanMiao Feng Shan, about 55km West of Beijing, is the nearest mountain in Beijing.  It is about 1290 metres.  The most time-efficient way to travel there over the weekend is by following the 6th ring all the way West until it literally stops. Get off and turn left into the valley to the town of Jun Zhuang Zhen (jūn zhuāng zhèn 军庄镇). You drive about 10km through small villages and then arrive at a big T junction. Turn right on the main road called "G109″ (109 国道) towards the West and go 5km until the pretty entrance archway of Miao Feng Shan.

At the end of April in west Beijing, Miao Feng Shan Mountain (miào fēng shān 妙峰山) featuring a century-old pilgrim’s trail—the Golden Summit (jīn dǐng 金顶)—is holding the biggest temple fair in northern China. Temple fairs have traditionally been a time for worshiping the gods and praying for blessings, all the while enjoying a great opportunity for some serious fun. Many kinds of traditional shows will be on display: crosstalk (xiàng shēng 相声), banner and kungfu (gōng fū 功夫) and even a lion exhibition. All spectacles are certain to be a delight for the kiddies.


Beijing’s Golden Summit used to be the average pilgrim’s dream destination. Thousands from all over China would gather every year on the first day of the forth lunarcalendar- month to worship good luck, family prosperity and maternity goddesses. Even the empress Dowager Cixi (ci xi 慈禧) worshiped here in a specially paved pilgrimage trail.

Modern day travelers following in the pilgrims’ ancient footsteps can climb the summit along their old trail, but don’t think the walk is an easy one. Centuries ago even elderly pilgrims had to finish the grueling trek on their own while today travelers unable to finish the hike can just Rose gardentake a shuttle bus and relax upon arriving at the sacred spot.

2009 Special Activity:
Looking at Flowers: Peach Blossom, lilac, rose, etc..
Florescence:April to June
Largest temple fairs in Northern China:
Northern China's largest traditional folk festivals, temple fairs during the year, tens of thousands of devout men and women spend hundreds of miles gathering here, towards the top pilgrimage perform. Unpaid congee and tea will be provided (shī zhōu bù chá 施粥布茶).

Pilgrimage and Worship
Holy Mother On a rocky cliff, known as Miao Feng Shan, amid the mountains about 30 miles northwest of Peking, stands Ling Kung Kuan (Temple of Divine Response). It is not a large temple but a very important one, for every year from the first to fifteenth of the "fourth moon" there was a pilgrimage. During these days, great numbers of pilgrims streamed day and night to a shrine in that temple. One source states that one year 514,200 pilgrims visited the shrine. Another source estimates that between the 8th and 10th days of that month, 100,000 pilgrims arrive daily. The pilgrims come not just from the surrounding countryside and Peking but from Tientsin (tiān jīn 天津) and even Shanghai (shàng hǎi 上海). The shrine to which these pilgrims flock is T'ien Hsien Sheng Mu Pi Hsia Yuan Chun (The Heavenly Immortal Holy Mother Princess of the Crimson Clouds of Dawn). Her shrine on Miao Feng Shan is second in importance only to that on Tai Shan where it is the most magnificent building on that sacred mountain.

The pilgrims come to lay their petitions before their beloved T'ien Hsien, as she is called in Peking, or to give thanks for favors received. The miracles performed by this "heavenly immortal" have given Miao Feng Shan a great reputation. The lame have been made to walk, the ill have been cured, prosperity has been granted to merchants, and longed for children have been given. One comes there assured that "should any honest man or faithful women have it in their hearts to pay homage, desires will be fulfilled and unbounded mercy manifest." There is evidence that pilgrimage to Miao Feng Shan began as early as 1629. According to writing in the possession of the abbot.


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Tel: 010-61882936
Admission Fee: 30 Yuan
Public Transportation: Buses that go directly to Miao Feng Shan are only available on weekends - 7:30am at the Ping Guo Yuan (píng guǒ yuán 苹果园)station. Drivers can take Lian Shi Xi Lu (lián shí xī lù 莲石西路) or Fu Shi Lu (fǔ shí lù 阜石路) to Men Tou Gou District (mén tóu gōu qǖ 门头沟区) then follow the signposts on G. 108 National Highway.
Opening Hours: 7:00-18:00 (Summer time) 8:00-17:00 (Winter time)