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Fuxing Park
Travel in Shanghai

Fuxing Park Fuxing Park (fù xīng gōng yuán 复兴公园) carries the history of Shanghai. It was originally named Gujiazhai Park after the local Gu (gù 顾) family who opened it over 100 years ago. It was renamed the French Park when the French bought it to station armies in 1900.

After World War II broke out, the French withdrew from the city and the Japanese Government took over the administration of the French Concession, the park name then became Daxing Park. After the Chinese won the anti-Japanese war in 1945, its name was finally changed to the one it still holds today-Fuxing Park.

Fuxing Park is the only French style park in Shanghai. It is well designed and many different trees provide shelter from the sun here for residents in the hottest months of the year. As a result, it is also called "carpet garden". There is also a slightly surreal sculpture of Marx and Engels in the park that was completed on the ninetieth anniversary of Engels' death on August 5, 1985. 


One of the best things about the park is the bar and restaurant here known as Park 97. Once you have had a wander, watched the Tai Chi (tài jí 太极) and seen Marx-Engels, why not pop in here for some great "tapas" (xiǎo chī 小吃) or a drink. The Restaurant is right next to one of Shanghai's best modern art galleries too. ShangArt often have brilliant and radical exhibitions by artists from throughout China. It is always worth popping in to this small and friendly gallery to see what is on display.


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Address: Fuxing Park, Gaolan Lu (gāo lán lù 皋兰路).
Public Transportation: Take the subway to Huangpinan Lu (huáng pí nán lù 黄陂南路) and walk, or take bus No. 12, 24, 42, 526 or 911.
Opening Hours: 6am-6pm
Tel: 021/6372-6083
Admission Fee: ¥2 (25¢)

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