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Talk show about foreigners lives in China
Foreigners in China
"An Appointment With Luyu" Tells Your Own Stories

They are “Lao Wai”(foreigners) in eyes of Chinese people. For a common ends they come to China. “An appointment with Luyu”, a China’s TV talk show with its hostess Chen Luyu, recounts stories of five foreigners’ lives in China.
Lei Meilin and Lei Sulin were two girls born to an American father and a Chinese mother. They told us their stories in China with a sort of rigid Beijing accent.
Perhaps, as their mother said, Meilin, the elder sister to Suli, flew to China alone at the age of 13 just due to her dream of an adventitious life. Nanjing International Experiment School which she studied in at that time only had international students from Asia and she was the first and the only foreign students with blonde hair and blue eyes. Little Meilin drew special concerns from her teachers and schoolmates, however, she still had difficulties in adapting herself to this new exotic environment. Different appearance made Meilin become the focus of her schoolmates, yet the feeling of “under the spotlight” was not pleasant. To evade eyes of others, Meilin attempted to alienate herself from her schoolmates. “I ate in my dorm, but later I had to go to the dinning-hall as I became so thin.”
Meilin still clearly remembered the sour days when she missed her family in China. “At that time, I made phone calls five times a day to America. I cried in class, called my family after class, cried in class and called after class again.”
Little Meilin was very unsatisfied with some cliché, rigid and dogmatic rules and regulations in Chinese schools. “The school had mountains of don’ts, Bla….Bla.” “The teachers treated me as little child and told me how to do this, how to do that! It really annoyed me a lot.”
Three months after Meilin reached China, the Lei’s moved to Beijing, the capital of China, after the China’s entry into WTO, and the couple also brought their younger daughter, Lei Sulin.
In these days, Meilin and Sulin are learning traditional Chinese instrument Gourd Pipe and opera Yueju and become fascinated by the essence of Chinese culture. Meilin has also become a hostess of a Chinese program about Chinese culture, gradually becoming a Chinese know-all.

Lin Youmei, an Indonesian young lady who likes singing Li Wen’s vigorous songs has a dream to settle down in China.
Having studied in Beijing Language and Culture University for one year, Youmei has properly adjusted herself to the Chinese lifestyle and you can hardly tell her from other common Beijing girls. She shops in small clothing stores, bargains with the boss and asks for discount and she also travels by subway twith ordinary Beijingers in the rush hour. Though Youmei has experienced several failures during her job hunting, she still holds confidence in keeping on. Best wishes to Youmei’s future life in China.

Jin Daxian and Jin Dafan, two cool easy-going and kind-hearted Korean young men study Chinese in Beijing Language and Culture University. Even though they come to China with a similar cultural background with their homeland, they still get puzzled sometime. Once Daxian plucked his courage to go to have dinner in a Chinese restaurant. Unconsciously, he swallowed down inedible condiment in the dish and he understands later not all put in the Chinese can be eaten. A waitress in the restaurant knocked at Daxian’s door at twelve sharp one day and Daxian felt so fearful that he did even not open the door. Later he found she just wanted to present him a picture with “Welcome to our restaurant” at the back.

Their stories in China go on as they are getting a deeper understanding of China, its yesterday and today.

    梅林今天想起当年自己思念家乡、思念父母的心情依然有几分苦楚。“那时候每天打到美国五次,一上课就哭,下课就去打个电话,上课就哭,下课就去打个电话…… ”





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