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Foreigners’ Viewpoints on China: It Seems There Is No Private Space Here
Foreigners in China
What the author said is a fact, but it is not wholly convinced. That’s why editor repost this report. Chinese have many merits, like they are most friendly to foreigners all over the world, even though in such a noisy way. It is still friendliness, warm friendliness, isn’t it? What’s your opinion?

Foreigners’ Viewpoints on China: It Seems There Is No Private Space Here

China is really a strange country. People there wear white when they lament somebody's death; they write from right to left in the ancient; they have soup after the main food. Chinese say “yes”, most of the time, they mean “no”; especially while you are asking them for directions. Everybody will tell you a different direction. I know, they themselves actually don’t know, but they are afraid of losing face, so they just tell the missing foreigners a wrong direction.

When you want to get off in China’s subway, even though you shout a sour throat and are conspicuous in the mass, you still cannot squeeze out of the door. And then, you realize that you are in China. In China, the bus has just stopped, people will rush to it. Those who want to get off have to wait on sides. Or, people get on and get off at the same time.

Travelers that are exhausted by the heat wave, yawp and roads then go to massage parlor to have foot health massage, hoping to find peace and relaxation there for a moment. However, that relaxing and pleasant atmosphere will soon suddenly be interrupted. Massagists stop their work in hands; children throw away their toys; people who play poker put down pokers… nearly everybody run to window at the same time. What happen on earth? An accident happens on the road outside, which Chinese will not willing to miss. Chinese are always keeping a children’s heart.

In China, private space seems does not exist. Many public WC have no doors, the women’s ones are no exception. Someone always peep when you are trying clothes on during shopping. Chinese are accustomed to these which westerns will find themselves uneasy. Chinese like to ask for foreigners’ name, like to inquire for foreigners’ salary and blood type. But, sometimes, when the first question is posed, for example,” Where do you come from?”, the conversation will come to a halt. Once upon a time I told a very curious Chinese I came from Germany, the youngster furrowed and puzzled. Then, he repeated the word Germany. I reminded him:” The World Cup, this year… Germany.” He ,”Oh, Germany! The whole yellow haired Klinsmann, he is Germany! ” Yes, that’s right.

    小编转载这篇报道, 因为觉得他说的是事实,但又深感不同意。中国人还是有很多优点的,他们比其他任何一个国家的人都对外国人要友好,哪怕是闹哄哄的友好。那也还是友好,温暖的友好,不是吗?你认为呢?

老外看中国: 这里似乎没有私人空间



    被热浪、噪声和马路折腾得筋疲力尽的游客,于是到按摩院去做脚底按摩,希望在那里寻得片刻宁静和放松。可是,那种轻松美好的感觉突然被打断。 女按摩师撂下手中的脚,小孩子丢开玩具,打扑克的人放下扑克牌,所有人几乎是在同时朝窗户边跑。到底发生了什么事?原来屋子外的路上发生了一起事故,对此中国人通常是不愿错过的。中国人总是保持着一种孩子般的好奇心。

    在中国,私人空间似乎是不存在的,许多公厕既没有门也没有隔间,女厕所也不例外。买衣试穿时总有顾客喜欢拉起布帘偷看。这些对西方人极不自在的事情,中国人习以为常。 中国人爱问外国人的名字,喜欢打探外国人的收入和血型。不过,有时候,在提出第一个问题——比如,“你是哪国人”——之后,对话会突然陷于停顿。有一次在火车站候车,我对一个好奇的中国人回答说自己来自“德国”,那名年轻人听后皱起眉头,一脸的困惑。接着,他再一次重复了一遍“德国”这个字眼。我提醒他,“世界杯,今年……德国”。他才豁然明白过来,“噢,德国。那个一头黄 头发的克林斯曼,不就是德国的吗?”对,没错。


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