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10 Reasons for the Excellent Life in China
Foreigners in China

Nobody likes to read about good news or positive reports all along, but I think in fact we need these stuffs; at least, they make us happy. Carrying this attitude in mind, I want to find out, why living in China as a foreigner is an excellent matter. I sum up 10 reasons as bellow;

1. Exciting!

China develops faster than any other countries in the world. Perhaps we don't always approve of such increasing pattern, but leading a life in a fast-changing country, is really exciting.

2. Lots of Opportunities
Whenever there is economic increase, there are opportunities and earning jobs. I myself haven't reaped profit from these opportunities at present, however, people who want to make big fortune from it are too numerous. All big news agencies keep their eyes open on China, hoping to exploit their business here. And with reference to its domestic, rich people are more and more, which means those who can provide what Chinese need will make prosperous profits.

3. Buy Things Cheap
You don't need to earn a lot of money but still can live comfortably in Beijing. What you need is only hundreds of dollars to rent a house in the center of the city, and some odd money to buy some delicious food, cheap drinks and cheap DVDs.

To tell the truth, my income in China even can’t be mentioned in the same breath with my friends in England, but when comparing our monthly expenses with each other, I became in a good mood.

4.Delicious Food
Chinese cuisine tastes very delicious. From hot spicy Sichuan Cuisine to cuisine of southwestern minority groups, flavors are various. And the Beijing Roast Duck, that's the most delicious! Another advantage is that with the improvement of the living standard, Chinese now require of cleaner and healthier food.

5. Friendly People
In spite of being lopsided, I found a common virtue in Chinese. Friends and colleagues are all willing to help you. Whatever it is, to rent a house or to exhort the taxi driver, they can always help you to solve the difficulty. Of course, there are actual scoundrels and fools who want to make use of your foreign identity. But to put it in a nutshell, Chinese think highly of interpersonal relationships, which means they are willing to help you.

6. Sense of Accomplishment
I usually feel I am doing significant things in China. Living in a fast-changing country, and getting over the strange feeling as a foreigner at the same timeand fulfilling my task under the circumstance of language and communication barriers, I have achieved a lot every day.

7. Making Friends widely
I have made a lot of good friends in China. You will come across people from all corners of the world. Last year, I met a Canadian and an American. I can't tell exactly the advantage of making friends all over the world; personally, I have almost traveled the whole American West Coast line after knowing the American friend.

Moreover, I want to tell you a special feeling: I am proud of being an Englishman in China, but the desire to return to England decrease day by day. Does anybody feel the same like me?

8. Beautiful Landscapes
In China, places which are worthy visiting are countless. Scenic spots and historical sites, local conditions and customs… I have been to Xinjiang, which is a charming place. I also love to go to Yunnan, where is far away from Beijing. Strolling at streets there, you will see the daily lives of different people: the rich and the poor, men and women, people who foster hopes and who feel despair of life.

9. Fast-changing
In China, new things sprout out every moment. What I mean are not only bars, restaurants and night clubs, but also golf links, luxurious villas, splendid new buildings and basic facilities in a massive scale.

After declines and turmoils of centuries, China began to reconstruct at last. In this fast-going process, new buildings and designs emerges in an endless stream, which surpasses the west. Personally, my eyes are never tired of these real increases—I can sit and watch Pudong by the Huangpu River with interest for several days.

10. Boarder viewpoints
Staying in China after a few days, we understand it gradually and naturally. I have stayed here for 3 years now; my understanding of it has deepened a lot than one year before. Those foreigners who look on it with folded arms will never experience such feelings.

As China become more and more important both in politic and economy, this knowledge will also become more valuable. It is not only useful in business, but also useful in knowledge spreading, improving others information about this country.
Reasons above are mine to stay here, what about yours?

(From: China Youth Report)





























(From: China Youth Report)


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