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Magic Tibet Ⅹ -- Yangbajing
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Yangbajing(羊八井), 87 km north of Lhasa(拉萨), is famous for its hot spring and geothermal system.

altIt was said that long time ago, before the sky and the earth was separated, the whole world was in total darkness. People living at the foot of Mt. Nyainqntanglha were suffering. One day, a golden phoenix flied to the area, determined to create brightness by sacrificing itself. It threw one of its bright eyes onto the ground. A fairy caught the eye, and then a bright lamp arose in the air. Snow capped peaks of Mt. Nyainqntanglha appeared; grassland like huge carpet emerged; happiness came into Tibetan people. However, a greedy man near Yangbajing coveted the lamp. He took a witch man’s idea to sharpen his hatred into an arrow to shoot the lamp. The lamp was broken then, the pieces of the lamp dropped onto the ground, turning into hot springs and burned the man to his end. People said that the hot springs were the fairy’s tears.

altThe town lies at high and cold plateau. However, people approaching will see some hot springs blowing out smokes going up to sky. While the surrounding area was barren and extremely cold, Yangbajing is green with grass and highland barley growing exuberantly. Smokes emitting from the springs cover the small town. Now it has a thermoelectricity plant, green houses and hot spring bathrooms, attracting more and more tourists.

It is a wonderful enjoyment to take a bath in the high-quality hot springs; but it is an even greater experience to relax oneself while viewing the far-off snow-covered Nyainqen-tanggula Mountains in its majesty or while strolling in this vast Northern Tibetan Grassland on horseback.