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Sample of House-Leasing Contract
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A Perfect house-leasing contract is very useful for protecting  your benfits,especially when you are living in a strange country and meet language barriers. The sample of house-leasing contract below would be very helpful when you start to make agreement with householders。In order to protect yourself, detailed information should be listed on the contract, such as location, rental, size, obligations, equpiment.  


                                                  House-Leasing Contract

No.                                                                                        Date:

Lessor (hereinafter referred to as Party A):
Lessee (hereinafter referred to as Party B):

Party A and B have reached an agreement through friendly consultation to conclude the following contract.

Location of the premises
Party A will lease to Party B the premises and attached facilities owned by itself which is located at and in good condition for.

Size of the premises
The registered size of the leased premises issquare meters (Gross size).

Lease term
The lease term will be from(month) (day)(year) to(month)(day)(year). Party A will clear the premises and provide it to Party B for use before (month)(day)(year).

Amount: the rental will beper month,management fees invoice fees.Party B will pay the rental to Party A in the form of.

Payment of rental will be one installment everymonth(s). The first installment will be paid before(month)(day)(year).Each successive installment will be paid byday of each month. Party B will pay the rental before using the premises and attached facilities (In case Party B pays the rental in the form of remittance, the date of remitting will be the day of payment and the remittance fee will be borne by the remitter.) Party A will issue a written receipt after receiving the payment.

In case the rental is more than 7 working days overdue, Party B will pay 0.3 percent of monthly rental as overdue fine every day, if the rental be paid 10 days overdue, Party B will be deemed to have with drawn from the premises and breach the contract. In this situation, Party A has the right to take back the premises and take actions against party B’s breach.

Guarantying the safety and good conditions of the premises and attached facilities and account of relevant fees are settled on schedule during the lease term, party B will payto party A as a deposit before(month)(day)(year). Party A will issue a written receipt after receiving the deposit.

Unless otherwise provided for by this contract, Party A will return full amount of the deposit without interest on the day when this contract expires and party B clears the premises and has paid all due rental and other expenses.

In case party B breaches this contract, party A has right to deduct the default fine, compensation for damage or any other expenses from the deposit . In case the deposit is not sufficient to cover such items, Party B should pay the insufficiency within ten days after receiving the written notice of payment from Party A.
If Party B can’t normally use the apartment because of Party A , Party A should return the deposit to Party B at once. And, Party B has the right to ask for the compensation from Party A

Obligations of Party A
Party A will provide the premises and attached facilities (see the appendix of furniture list for detail) on schedule to Party B for using.

In case the premise and attached facilities are damaged by quality problems, natural damages or accidents, Party A will be responsible to repair and pay the relevant expenses. If Party A can ’t repair the damaged facilities in two weeks so that Party B can’t use the facilities normally, Party B has the right to terminate the contract and Party A must return the deposit.

Party A will guarantee the lease right of the premises. In case of occurrence of ownership transfer in whole or in part and other accidents affecting the right of lease by party B, party A shall guarantee that the new owner,and other associated ,third parties shall be bound by the terms of this contract.Otherwise, Party A will be responsible to compensate party B’s losses.

Obligations of Party B
Party B will pay the rental and the deposit on time.

Party B may add new facilities with Party A’s approval. When this contract expires, Party B may take away the added facilities without changing the good conditions of the premises for normal use.

Party B will not transfer the lease of the premises or sublet it without Party A’s approval and should take good care of the premises. Otherwise, Party B will be responsible to compensate any damages of the premises and attached facilities caused by its fault and negligence.

Party B will use the premises lawfully according to this contract without changing the nature of the premises and storing hazardous materials in it. Otherwise, Party B will be responsible for the damages caused by it

Party B will bear the cost of utilities such as telephone communications, water, electricity, cable television and gas on time during the lease term.

Termination and dissolution of the contract
Within one month before the contract expires, Party B will notify Party A if it intends to extend the lease. In this situation, two parties will discuss matters over the extension. Under the same terms Party B has the priority to lease the premises.

When the lease term expires, Party B will return the premises and attached facilities to Party A withinthreedays. Any belongings left in it without Party A’s previous understanding will be deemed to be abandoned by Party B. In this situation, Party A has the right to dispose of it and Party A will raise no objection.

This contract will be effective after being signed by both parties. Any party has no right to terminate this contract without another party’s agreement. Anything not covered in this contract will be discussed separately by both parties.

Breach of the contract
During the lease term, any party who fails to fulfill any article of this contract without the other party’s understanding will be deemed to breach the contract. Both parties agree that the default fine will be. In case the default fine is not sufficient to cover the loss suffered by the faultless party, the party in breach should pay additional compensation to the other party.
Both parties will solve the disputes arising from execution of the contract or in connection with the contract through friendly consultation. In case the agreement cannot be reached, any party may summit the dispute to the court that has the jurisdiction over the matter.

Any annex is the integral part of this contract. The annex and this contract are equally valid.
There are 3 originals of this contract. Each party and the agent will hold 1 original(s).

Other special terms will be listed bellows:
Brand /Quantity
Colour TV
Music sound
Telephone set
Washing machine
Micro-wave oven
Gas exhauster
Electric water heater
Gas water heater
Gas stove
Furniture /Quantity /Furniture /Quantity
Single bed               Dinning table
Double bed             Dinning chair
Children's bed          Secretaire    Kitchen wall units
Soft                       Bedroom wall units
Dress closet            Hall wall units
Night stand            Coffee table
TV cabinet             mattress
key number
Burglarproof door:     Children’s room:
Gate:                      Bathroom:
Bedroom:                Kitchen:
Water meter reading:             Ammeter reading:
Hot water meter reading:       Gas meter reading:

Party A:                  Party B:              Intermediary:
ID No:                    ID NO:              ID NO:
Address:                   Address:              Address:
Tel:                      Tel:              Tel:
Representative:                Representative:          Representative:
Date:                    Date:              Date:


                                                  房 屋 租 赁 合 同


合同序列号:                                                                  日期:

出租方(以下简称甲方): 签约地点:

承租方(以下简称乙方): 签约时间:


第一条 房屋的座落、面积及设备
甲方将其合法拥有的座落于   楼   单元   室的房屋出租给乙方使用。甲方将出租的房屋房型为 室 厅 卫,该房屋建筑面积共 平方米,房地产权证号为:                   甲方提供的设备见附件。

第二条 房屋用途

第三条 租赁期限
租赁期共壹年,自 年 月 日起至 年 月 日止。合同期满后,如甲方仍继续出租房屋的,乙方拥有优先承租权。租赁合同因期满而终止时,如乙方确实无法找到房屋,可与甲方协商酌情延长租赁期限。

第四条 租金、押金、杂费及支付方式
1、甲乙双方议定月租金为人民币 元整,每三个月结算一次,由乙方以现金方式交纳给甲方。甲方在收到乙方租金后必须开具收据给予乙方。
2、甲乙双方议定押金为人民币 元整,押金必须于乙方搬走时全额返还。

第五条 租赁期间的房屋修缮和装饰

第六条 租赁双方的变更

第七条 违约责任

第八条 免责条件
1、 房屋如因不可抗拒的原因导致损毁或造成损失的,甲乙双方互不承担责任。

第九条 争议解决的方式

第十条 其他条款

出租方:(签名)                                           承租方:(签名)

地址:                                                  地址:

电话:                                                  电话:

身份证号码:                                                         身份证号码:


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