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Soochow University
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Soochow University is located in the ancient city of Suzhou famous for its classical gardens and known as “the Paradise on Earth”.

As a “State 211 Project” institution of higher education and a key comprehensive university of Jiangsu province, Soochow University has passed through one hundred years of its educational course. Originally founded in 1900, it merged Southern Jiangsu College of Culture & Education and the Department of Mathematics & Physics of Jiang Nan University in 1952 and became Southern Jiangsu Teachers’ College. Later in the same year, it was renamed as Jiangsu Teachers’ College, operating on the original campus. In 1982, approved by the State Council, it was re-established as Soochow University. Then, Suzhou College of Sericulture, Suzhou Institute of Silk Textile Technology and Suzhou Medical College merged into Soochow University in 1995, 1997 and 2000, respectively. Soochow University has now developed into a first rate provincial comprehensive institution in China with a complete coverage of all branches of learning with remarkably large enrollment and outstanding educational benefits.

Soochow University takes an active part in international academic exchange and it has established cooperative and exchange relationships with over 80 universities and institutions in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Germany, France, the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan etc. The university accepts over 1000 international students every year to study in various programs. In the meantime, the university is further deepening the reforms to explore effective ways to optimize the regional economic construction and social development. The teachers and students are doing their best with unprecedented verve, courage and insight to build up Soochow University into a national first-rate comprehensive university. 

 At present, Soochow University offers 96 undergraduate programs, 196 master programs, 10 professional master degree programs, 72 doctor programs and 6 post-doctoral programs. These academic programs cover almost all disciplines of learning.Now more than 50,000 students are studying at Soochow University, including 25,873 undergraduate students, 10,214 postgraduate students and more than 12638 adult students
Long-term Program of Chinese Language
Program Description:
This program is designed to train the students' listening, speaking, reading and writing in Chinese language. It consists of classes of different levels and students are divided into different classes according to their current Chinese ability. Each class has 10-20 students. The program commences in each February and September. Classes are arranged five days a week, 20 to 24 hours per week in total. Students who attend all the classes and pass the examinations can get a Soochow University Certificate upon completion of the program.
Courses of Chinese Language Programs
Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Conversation, Chinese Listening Comprehension, Chinese Reading, Chinese Viewing-Listening-Speaking, Extensive Chinese Reading, Reading from Chinese Press, Modern Chinese Phonetics, Chinese Writing, Translation, Calligraphy, Ancient Chinese, Classical Literature, Chinese Grammar, Chinese Folk Custom, Calligraph, etc.
Course load of Chinese language courses
22 hours per week, 4 hours each morning (8:30~11:50), Monday through Friday. Also available are such elective courses as Chinese History, Chinese Calligraphy, Traditional Chinese Painting, Taijiquan (shadow boxing) and Chinese Wushu. The minimum enrollment for each course is 20 students. These courses are taught in the afternoon.
Semester Schedule
Spring Semester opens in late February and lasts till July 10;
Fall Semester opens on September 1 and lasts till late January of next year;
Winter Vacation: February;
Summer Vacation: July & August.
Program Fees:
Tuition fee: 7500Yuan RMB per semester; Registration fee: 250 Yuan RMB per semester;
Books: About 200YuanRMB per semester
Short-term Program of Chinese Language
Program Description:
This program is designed to help the students to learn about Chinese culture as well as economic business situation. The program is usually 1 to 3 week in duration. Normally we offer Chinese classes, economic and business classes in the morning and site visits in the afternoons. The culture, economic and business classes are given in the way of lectures. Culture lectures may cover Chinese history, religion, education, agriculture, medicine, calligraphy, painting, social structure, traditional custom, traditional sports, etc. Economic and business lectures may cover China's economic system and opening policy, China's population and economic development, China's accountancy, investment in China, doing business in China, China's foreign trade, etc. All the lectures are given in Chinese and English.
Site visits include factories, farms, business enterprises, markets, museums, development zones, places of historical interests. If required, trips to other cities are possibly arranged at weekends after the program.
Application Requirement
This program is normally limited to group application (more than 10 students) only. Students who attend this program can raise their application to the school or institution of their own country. Applications are accepted at any time of the year.
Board and lodging
We arrange on-campus accommodation for students of this program.
Rooms: Twin-bed room (with washroom, telephone, TV, and air-conditioning)
Food: Three group meals per day, mostly Chinese food.
Program fees:
Tuition fee: US$300/month/person,
Accommodation: US$9/day/person,
Meals: US$6/day/person
Fee for site visits: US$100/person, Miscellaneous fee: US$50 (Airport pick-ups included)
Trips to other cities: to be discussed according to trip arrangement
Undergraduate, Master & Doctoral programs
Eligibility and File Requirements

File Requirements
Undergraduate Student
(4 years)
High School graduates or above
• High school diploma
• High school transcript
• HSK certificate level 3-6
Master's Candidate
Graduated from university or above
• University diploma
• Certificate or Bachelors Degree
• University transcript
• Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors
• HSK certificate level 6
Doctoral Candidate
(Three years)
Having obtained master's degree
• Certificate of Master's Degree • Master's transcript
• Two recommendation letters from professors or associate professors
• HSK certificate level 6

Address for contact:
No.1 Shizi Street,
Szhou, 215006
Jiangsu, China
Tel: 86-512-67163753
Fax: 86-512-67167519

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