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North China Electric Power Unviersity
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North China Electric Power University (NCEPU), founded in 1958 and designated by the State Council as a key university in China in 1978, is affiliated with the Ministry of Education and officially listed as one of the “211 Project” universities. NCEPU is composed of two respective campuses in Beijing and in Baoding, with its main campus in Beijing. 

The Baoding campus covers an area of 40 hectares and Beijing campus covers an area of 53.33 hectares. NCEPU holds school buildings of 800,000 square metersandfixed assets of 2.1 billion yuan, including 0.3 billion yuan allocated to scientific and teaching facilities. The university library covers a collection of 1.5 million books. NCEPU possesses a high-quality teaching staff with a total number of 1,600 professional teachers, including 287 professors, 490 associate professors, and four academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering. Being open to students from all over China, the university has, at present, more than 35,000 full-time students, including 20,002 undergraduates and 6,276 post-graduates. For many years, NCEPU has enjoyed the graduates’ employment rate of over 96%. 



全校共有教职工2835人,在编专任教师1519人,其中有中国工程院院士1人、双聘院士3人、博士生导师74人,正教授256人,副教授407人。形成了一支以工程院院士、博士生导师为学术带头人,以中青年教师为学术骨干,具有良好师德和较高教学科研水平、素质优良的师资队伍。目前,以李成榕教授为带头人的“电力系统保护与安全战略防御”与以刘宗德教授为带头人的“电站设备状态监测与失效预防” 共2支团队入选“长江学者与创新团队发展计划”创新团队。2006年,以刘吉臻教授为第一主研人的“火电厂厂级运行性能在线诊断及优化控制系统” 获国家科学技术进步二等奖。


Chinese Culture Course
It offers long-term and short-term courses:
1. Long-term training: 24-28 hours/week, 20 weeks/semester, a length of 1-2 year. The primary level, the secondary level and the advanced level of trainings are offered according to the students’ Chinese level.
2. Short-term training: 16-20 hours/week, 2-12 weeks.
The university will organize all kinds of culture exchange activities and friendship association during the training; Students are to go sightseeing in the following places of interest: the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Heaven Altar, Thirteen Tomb; They can also taste the local customs in China: going to the quadrangle, tasting tea in big bowls, singing Peking Opera and practicing Chinese Gongfu and etc.

Chinese courses include pronunciation, grammar, conversation, listening, writing, reading and social practice and etc. To help students pass the Chinese standard test, a tutoring course for the standard test, the Chinese language art and newspaper reading are opened.
Meanwhile, culture courses are opened for the advanced students, such as The General Situation of China, Chinese Culture Introduction, Chinese Social Reform and Market Economy, TV News Visual & Audio Comprehension, Beijing Tourism, Chinese Movie Appreciation, Multi-media teaching, inputting of Chinese character into computer, Social Interviewing and Seminars.
To enrich oversees students’ spare life, all kinds of courses including the Second Foreign Language (French, Japanese, Russian, German), Wushu, Taiji, Taiquandao, Chinese painting, Chinese folk dance, Chinese calligraphy and chess are opened to tailor students’ taste.
Teaching materials:
The Chinese teaching materials are the standard materials audited by the Chinese Office of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language. It’s a complete set of materials and are convenient to use.

Classroom Condition:
Classrooms is located in the newly built teaching building with excellent conditions and sound equipment. The Office of Foreign Student Affairs is set just next-door to the classroom in order to provide better service to the overseas students.

On the completion of the study, students are to receive the Certificate of Completion and their school reports and organized to attend the Chinese Standard Test (HSK).

Foreign Student Apartment:
Foreign student apartments are available on campus with excellent conditions. A standard room is equipped with colored TV, air conditioner, telephone, toilet and shower bath; kitchens for public use are also set in the building; you can dial international call through the public telephones provided in the hall. Around the apartment, there are hospital, bank, shops, canteen and playground, which make your daily life convenient.

The geographical position of the university:
This university is located in the northern suburb of Beijing with beautiful sceneries and refreshing air. It is close to the Badaling highway and adjoins the 2008 Olympic Park. Many buses like No.845, No. 345, No.344 (the branch) and No.919 are just outside the campus. It is the starting point of No.845, which passes Xueyuan Road, Xizhimen, Fuchengmen with the final stop of Beijing western railway station. All these make our life convenient.
Tuition fees:
Long-term and short-term Chinese course: See the standards of expenses (fees for the activities organized by the university included.)
Short-term simple Chinese course: US$200/person, 2 weeks, and US$50/week plus.

Accommodation fees:
Standard room: US$3.5/bed, double room with colored TV, air conditioner, telephone, toilet and shower bath;
Common room: US$6/bed, single room with colored TV, air conditioner, telephone, toilet and shower bath.
There are public kitchens on every floor.
Dining: The canteen on the campus provides you with various choices, which are cheap, about US$2-US$6 per day. You can also cook by yourself in the public kitchens.

Application and Its Deadline:
Long-term course: three months before the new term, that is, before June 1st for the autumn take-in, and before November 1st for the spring take-in. See “ Application and admission” for the information of application procedure;
Short-term course: three months in advance before the class begins. No application form for the short-term course. Just fax students’ information (Name, sex, birth date, passport number, Chinese level, and qualification) to the Office of Foreign Student Affairs.

International Cooperation Office
North China Electric Power University
Zhuxinzhuang Dewai,Beijing,102206,P.R.China
Tel: 8610-80798303,
Fax: 8610-80795105
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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