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Liaoning University
Colleges and Universities

In the course of over half a century's development, Liaoning University has grown into a multiple-discipline comprehensive university, embracing Chinese language and literature, history, philosophy, economics, law, foreign languages, art, natural science, engineering and management. One of its predecessors is Shenyang Commercial College set up by the People's Government of the Northeast in November, 1948. The September of 1958 saw the amalgamation of the Northeast Institute of Finance and Economics, Shenyang Normal College and Shenyang Institute of Russian, which led to the birth of Liaoning University. Marshal Zhu De wrote an inscription of the school name for the University. At present, the University has an area of 2,138 mu, i.e. 1,420,000 square meters (including the University proper, Liaoyang Foreign Languages College and the Xinchengzi Campus), with a building area totaling 600, 000 square meters. 

Liaoning University is one of the key universities listed in the nation's "Project 211" and affirmed by the Ministry of Education. The University has fifteen colleges, namely: College of Economics, College of Business Administration, College of International Economics, Asia-Australia College of Business, College of Cultural Propagation, College of Philosophy and Public Administration, College of Foreign Languages, College of Radio, Film and Television, College of Chemical Science and Engineering, College of Law, College of Information Science and Technology, College of Higher Professional Techniques, College of Adult Education, College of Foreign Students, and College of Training Self-Study Students of Humanities and Professional Techniques. In addition to the colleges, the University has five college-level faculties, namely: Faculty of History, Faculty of Mathematics, Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Life Science and Faculty of Environment Science. Altogether, the University has forty-three undergraduate disciplines, fifty-three master-degree-granting disciplines, including MBA and JM. The University is also invested with authority to grant doctorate of philosophy in theoretical economics (the first level discipline) and nine other doctorates (the second level discipline). Furthermore, the University has three mobile stations for post-doctoral studies to its credit, with two national key disciplines of world economy and national economy in addition to a base for cultivating personnel of basic national economy, and a key base for research on humanities, and a center of research on the system of comparative economy as designated by the Ministry of Education. The University has eleven province-level key disciplines and one test and detection center. 




The College of International Students was established in 1965. It is a separate entity dealing exclusively with nternational students. Every year students from over 20 countries come to attend Chinese classes and carry out research in Chinese culture. With years of development, the college has accumulated extensive experience in curriculum and administration and has formed a flexible model of running a school with multiple administrative levels. Its faculty is very experienced, well qualified and has a rich teaching experience.

In 2003, the University allocated funds to construct a modern building of more than 15,000 square meters for the college, which has facilities such as multi-media classrooms (audio-visual, computer) to meet international students?needs and keep abreast of developments in teaching methodology. Due to our reputation, we have the greatest number of international students in Liaoning Province and in all the northeast of China.

The Committee of Chinese Proficiency Test authorized Liaoning University to organize three elementary and intermediate and one advanced tests of HSK every year.




Types of classes
1.Chinese Undergraduate Class
This undergraduate course (bilingual study of Chinese and English; business Chinese of economy and trade in particular ) was set up in 2000.
If the students can successfully pass the exam and complete the thesis, they would be granted a Certificate of Undergraduate and Bachelor's Degree.
In addition, those whose Chinese level accords with the demands of the matriculation can directly go to other colleges, departments, choosing the related majors in our universities to study Bachelor's, Master's and Doctorate Degree.

2.Teaching Chinese as a Second Language
The four-year undergraduate course is currently a special program for Chinese students. It is divided into bilingual study of Chinese and English and secretaire Chinese .The students who successfully pass the exam and complete the thesis will be granted a Certificate of Undergraduate and Bachelor's Degree.

3.Chinese Linguistics and Graphemes
The three-year postgraduate course starts in 2003.International students will study together with Chinese postgraduates.

4.Chinese Language Class
It is set up for the students who wish to study Chinese language exclusively. The program is offered on both, long or short-term basis depending upon students' study time limit. It has classes of three administrative levels in accordance with students' level of Chinese, namely: Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced Class. The lectures are conducted in a highly professional manner and at the same time, the extra curricula activities range from school visits to cultural and language interactions. These are designed to deepen the students' understanding of the Chinese culture, train their skills of practicing Chinese and create a sound base for their further study and future progression. After completing these programs, students are awarded with a certificate in Chinese proficiency.

5.Chinese speed-up class
This class is offered during summer and winter vacation for international students and foreigners working in the joint ventures stationed in Shenyang. It has three levels of classes, Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced classes. Placement is done in accordance to the students' levels of Chinese. Each class is set up with few students for the purpose of intensifying and speeding up the students' Chinese within short time.

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