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Wuhan University of Technology
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The new Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) was established on May 27th, 2000, as a key institution under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education by the authority of the State Council, P.R.China. WUT is now included among the State 211 Project.

The three predecessors of the new University include: the former Wuhan University of Technology (WUT, founded in 1948) under the Ministry of Education, Wuhan Transportation University (WTU, founded in 1945) under the Ministry of Communications and Wuhan Automotive Polytechnic University (WAPU, founded in 1958) under the China National Automotive Industry Corporation. All were strong in engineering and had multiple disciplines. The former WUT was superior in material science and engineering,resource and environment engineering, civil engineering and architecture; WTU excelled in waterway transportation engineering, maritime and nautical technology; while WAPU focused on automotive engineering and management.

The new University has eight major disciplines, with engineering being the mainstay and natural sciences its foundation. The eight disciplines are combined with one another to include natural sciences, engineering, humanities, economics, management, law, philosophy and education. It is a satisfactory and mutually complementary variety, giving the new WUT a much wider space for development and more strength for power and enhancement. The total area of campus is 450 acres. WUT has a building floorage of 1,100,000m2 and it possesses three libraries with a stock of 2,720,000 books. The staff of 6,500 includes 2,400 academic faculty members, within which there are over 1,750 individuals with senior academic or professional titles. Of these professionals, 350 are professors, 1 is an academician of China Academy of Engineering and 2 are academicians of China Academy of Science. The total enrollment of new WUT is over 37,000 students with 3,370 postgraduates included, which ranks among the fourth largest in China. The university is authorized to confer fifty-five bachelor's degree programs as majors, fifty-one Master's degree programs, fourteen Ph.D.
degree programs and there are three post-doctoral mobile stations for scientific research. There is one national key subject, three first-class subjects, twenty-nine ministerial or provincial subjects, one national key laboratory, one national key industrial testing base, nine ministerial or provincial key labs and engineering research centers in the university. The Board of Trustees of WUT has been made up mainly of the large or medium sized enterprises, institutes of engineering, scientific research and designing as well as lines of construction, building materials, transportation and automotive industry. 


学校学科门类齐全,结构合理,涵盖工学、理学、文学、管理学、经济学、法学、哲学、史学、教育学、医学等学科门类。现有本科专业79个、一级学科国家重点学科2个、二级学科国家重点学科7个、国家重点(培育)学科1个,省部级重点学科28个。博士学位授权一级学科9个、博士学位授权二级学科61个、硕士学位授权一级学科17个、硕士学位授权二级学科133个、博士后科研流动站10个。有MBA、MPA、MFA 以及21个领域的工程硕士、16个专业的高校教师在职申请学位等专业硕士学位授予权;建有一批高水平的研究中心,其中国家重点实验室和工业性试验基地3个,省部级重点实验室和研究中心21个。

Qualification for Entrance

Undergraduate: The applicant should have the academic background equivalent to a graduate from Chinese high school, be healthy, under the age of 25, and receive a satisfactory score in the entrance examinations held by Wuhan University of Technology.

Postgraduate for Master's Degree: The applicant should have a Bachelor's degree or an equivalent level of education, be healthy and under the age of 45. Those who have graduated from a Chinese University with a good record will be admitted upon recommendations.

Postgraduate for Ph. D.: The applicant should have a Master's degree or hold an equivalent level of education, be healthy, under the age of 45 and should pass the entrance examinations given by a Ph. D supervisor.

General Student for Further Studies: The applicant should have completed at least 2 years of undergraduate study or have equivalent level of education, be healthy and under the age of 40.

Advanced Student for Further Studies: The applicant should hold a Bachelor's degree and have a professional title above the level of associate professor, be healthy and under the age of 50.

Student Majoring in Chinese Language, Chinese Culture or Chinese History: The applicant should be interested in the Chinese language, Chinese culture or Chinese History, be healthy, and 15 to 55 years old.

Application for Entrance

1.The Chinese Government Scholarships: The applicant should first submit application materials to his/her own government department for such exchange programs and should obtain necessary forms from the Chinese Embassy (Consulate) by the and of February. These application materials should be sent to the Chinese Administrative Commission for Funds of Studying Abroad either by the Chinese Embassy or by the Embassy of the student's home country in China before April 30. Once the application materials are reviewed and are admitted by the university in compliance with relevant regulations, the applicant may be awarded a government scholarship provided by the Ministry of Education of China.

2.All applicants must complete and submit the Application Form for Foreigners Wishing to Study in China, the Physical Examination Record for Foreigners, a notarized copy of the highest diploma and transcripts. Those wishing to study for their Master's or doctorate degrees should also submit two recommendation letters written by professors or associate professors or people holding an equivalent title.

3.Self-supported students or those with scholarship provided by their own government may contact the International Office in the university for admission forms. Upon completion, application forms should be sent back directly to the university.

International Students Office

Wuhan University or Technology

#205 Luoshi Road , Wuchang, Wuhan

Postal Code: 430070

Tel: +86-27-87658253 or 87657987

Fax: +86-27-87658253

Website: /English

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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