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Huazhong Normal University
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CCNU is a key normal university directly under the Chinese Ministry of Education. Located in Wuhan, a major hub of transportation, it has a campus of over 2,000 mu with a construction area of more than 600,000 square meters on Guizishan, a hill bordering the East Lake and the South Lake. It has brilliant flowers and green woods all year round. With a serene environment, especially the fragrance of osmanthus flowers all over, the campus is an ideal place for teaching and studying.

A hundred years of vicissitudes and striving fostered this celebrated university. The predecessor of HZU is the combination of Huazhong University, Zhonghua University and the Pedagogical College of Zhongyuan University, with Huazhong University as the main part. Huazhong University was the largest and most influential mission university in South Central China, it developed from Wenhua Academy (the first college of mission school) that was founded in 1903. In 1951, the public Huazhong University came into being after the Pedagogical College of Zhongyuan University merged with Huazhong University. Then, it was reorganized into Huazhong Higher Normal School in 1952 and later renamed Huazhong Teachers College in 1953. In 1985, the university was formally entitled Huazhong University and Deng Xiaoping, one of the founders of Zhongyuan University, inscribed the new name of the university. In1993, President Jiang Zemin wrote an inscription for the university "Developing normal education, improving the nation's quality". 

学校具有悠久的历史,她是在 1903年创办的文华书院大学部(始于1871年创办的文华书院,1924年改名为华中大学)、1912年创办的中华大学、1949年创办的中原大学教育学院的基础上,1951年组建公立华中大学,1952年改制为华中高等师范学校,1953年定名为华中师范学院,1985年学校更名为华中师范大学,并由中原大学创始人之一——邓小平同志亲笔题写校名。1993年江泽民总书记为学校九十周年校庆题词:“发展师范教育事业,提高民族文化素质”。学校在百余年的发展中既继承了中国传统文化的精华,又汲取了外来文化的养分,更弘扬了革命文化教育的传统,形成了“忠诚博雅、朴实刚毅”的华师精神,为国家培养了18万多优秀人才。

The College of International Culture Exchange (CICE) of CCNU is responsible for the teaching and administration of international students. CICE has a team of experienced professional Chinese Language instructors, and is equipped with modern teaching facilities and language labs. All of the teachers are qualified with Certificates of Teaching Chinese to Foreigners. A considerable proportions of them have experiences of teaching Chinese abroad. Professor Xing Fuyi, a well-known linguist and Chairman of the Chinese Society of Teaching Chinese to Foreigners, leads the team.

The college attaches utmost importance to the quality of teaching, which is done in small-sized classes of no more than 15 students carefully organized according to their language proficiency. Language learning tuition fee is $800 per semester. Bachelor's programs of Chinese language tuition fee is $1800 per academic year. One to eight weeks Short-term Programs of Chinese Language and Traditional Culture are regularly run all year round. All the programs, long-term or short-term, involve classroom instruction, extra curriculum tutoring, cultural lectures, recreation activities and sports, and field work. To satisfy the special need of some students, CICE also offers one on one language instruction cause.

Located in East Lake New & High-tech Development Zone of the great metropolitan city of Wuhan, the university enjoys the convenient public transport facilities, and very pleasant environment. International students can choose to live in the dorms for them on campus, to stay in the three-star campus hotel, to have a home-stay on campus or to live outside the campus.

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