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Inner Mongolia University
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Inner Mongolia University, located in the capital city of Inner Mongolia, Huhhot and founded in 1957, is the earliest comprehensive university ever established in a minority nationality region in China. It now boasts 4 campuses and covers an area of 1,710 thousand square meters. It was awarded the national key comprehensive university by the Ministry of Education of China in 1978 and became one of 100 universities of the "211 Project" universities for key construction and development in 1997. It also became the university to be jointly constructed by the Ministry of Education of China and the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2004. Its first President was Mr. Wulanfu, ex-Chairman of the People's Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and the Vice Premier of the State Council. Prof. Li Jitong from Peking University, member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a famous biologist, came to teach in Inner Mongolia University and served as its vice president in its early days. Prof. B. Shorgan, the present president of the University, is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Vice-Chairman of China Association for Science and Technology.

At present, Inner Mongolia University has established quite a complete structure of 9 disciplines, covering such fields as philosophy, economics, law, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture and management. Two disciplines, Mongolian studies and life science, with their distinctive local and ethnic characteristics, enjoy high prestige at home and abroad. Now the University has established its administrative system with 3 -level organizations and 2-level management. It consists of 15 colleges, under which there are 34 departments, and 1 independent department for general education. 



学校学科门类较为齐全,涵盖哲学、经济学、法学、文学、历史学、理学、工学、农学、管理学等9大学科门类,现有中国少数民族语言文学和动物学2个国家重点学科,生态学国家重点培育学科;有1个一级学科自治区重点学科,18个二级学科自治区重点学科,8个自治区重点培育学科。蒙古学和生命科学两个学科群具有鲜明的民族特色和地区特色,在国内外享有盛誉。学校现有生物学博士学位授权一级学科点,有19个二级学科博士学位授权点、9个硕士学位授权一级学科点、92个二级学科硕士学位授权点(含5个硕士专业学位授权点)、3个博士后流动站、59个本科专业、12个双学士学位专业。有蒙古语言文学、生物学、生命科学技术和数理学4个国家级以及2个自治区级基础科学研究和教学人才培养基地、1个国家大学生文化素质教育基地。学校现有内蒙古草地生态学重点实验室—省部共建国家重点实验室培育基地、教育部人文社会科学重点研究基地—内蒙古大学蒙古学研究中心、哺乳动物生殖生物学及生物技术教育部重点实验室、牧草与特色作物生物技术省部共建教育部重点实验室、教育部民族学科蒙古学文献信息中心,有9个自治区重点实验室、 2个自治区工程技术研究中心、2个自治区高等学校人文社会科学重点研究基地。


The International College of Education under the University is a special institution for international education, responsible for the admission, training and daily admission. Within the College, there are the Chinese Language (Mandarin) and Script Discipline and the Mongolian Language and Script Discipline (Huihe Mongolian and Cyrillic Mongolian).

At present, the College has enrolled students from the United States, Germany, Republic of Korea, Japan, Mongolia, Russia and Syria, etc. The College helps and acts on behalf with various kinds of certificates, such ad Residence Permits, Visa for Return, Library Cards and Students’ I.D. cards, etc. thus creating much convenience for students’ life and study

Language Courses

There are the Chinese Language and Script Discipline and the Mongolian Language and Script Discipline. There are two kinds of scripts in Mongolian teaching: One is Huihe (Ouigour) Mongolian which is the current Mongolian script being used within the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. The other is Cyrillic Mongolian alphabet which is the current Mongolian script being used in the Mongolian State.

Based on the vocational level of the foreign students, the Han Chinese courses are held at four levels. There are the entrance class, elementary class, intermediate class as well as the higher class. Generally each class contains no more than 15 participants.

Teachers adopt flexible teaching methods are taught with their aptitude in an intensified and speeded-up mode. While focusing on the promotion of students’ language skills in class, the College organizes colorful cultural and language activities so as to strengthen the students’ understanding of the Chinese culture, cultivating real skills in using the Han Chinese language.

Thus the students can acquire a solid foundation in language and culture before they pursue the study of the vocational knowledge or seeking for jobs, with certain language foundation or the position of winners of HSK exam (Han Yu Shui Ping Kao Shi --- Chinese Proficiency Examination). In order to help foreign students pass the HSK exam, the College organized special coaching class each year before the exam.

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