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Taiyuan University of Technology
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Taiyuan University of Technology can have its history traced all the way back to Western Learning School of National Shanxi Grand Academy, which was established in 1902 as one of the earliest universities in china. With the history of 100 years, it is now a modern general university, which is majored in engineering, conjoined by engineering and sciences, and harmonized with many other disciplines. Taiyuan University of Technology is the only university in Shanxi Province that is nominated as one of the top 100 universities by the national higher education program---211 Project. It is also one of the five key universities in Central China.

This university is situated by the beautiful Fenhe River in Taiyuan, the capital city of Shanxi Province. It has the total area of 258 acres with constructed area of 870 thousand square meters. This university consists of 20 colleges offering 353 undergraduate disciplines, 78 master’s degree programs, 25 second-grade doctorate programs, 4 first-grade doctorate programs and 5 post-doctor research centers. At present, there are over 20 thousand undergraduates, 4,511 master’s degree and Ph. D. students studying at the university. Two national key disciplines, 9 provincial key disciplines and 8 provincial supported disciplines play a leading role in the scientific research in the university. Working at this university are over 4,000 staff members, among whom 1842 are teaching staff and 998 are professors or associate professors and over 70 are doctorate supervisors. The president, Dr. Xie Kechang, is the first academician of China Academy of Engineering in the field of coal chemical engineering. 105 professors are granted the government allowance. Nearly 100 well-known scholars both at home and abroad are nominated honorary or guest professors.  



International students

I. Taiyuan University of Technology and Its Overseas Students

Taiyuan University of Technology can trace its history back to one of the earliest universities in China---Shanxi Grand Academy. It is now a general university of engineering combined with sciences and many other disciplines. It is the only university that is included in “211 Project”---a national higher education promotion program launched by Ministry of Education.

TUT started to recruit overseas students from the early 1990's. Many students from Australia, the United States, Canada, Korea, Japan and Mongolia have studied here. Apart from Chinese culture and language, the overseas students can also study for bachelor's degree and master's degree of many different disciplines.

The establishment of College of International Education Exchange has further promoted the development in this field. Now the entire infrastructure has been improved and the teaching quality upgraded; teaching plans have been reformed and teaching methods modernized. In one word, the overseas student education is now developing well under way.

II. Who can apply?

Those with appropriate education, between 15 and 65 years old (or younger than 15 with special permission), complying with the Chinese laws and regulations can apply.

III. Language Courses

1. Chinese language:
Listening; Conversation; Reading and Writing; Audio-visual; Newspaper-magazine; Poetry Appreciation

2. Chinese Culture:
Chinese Classical Architecture; History; Chinese Customs; Culinary art; Shadow Boxing; Martial Arts; Qigong; Calligraphy

IV. Courses for Degree Students

All the disciplines in Taiyuan University of Technology are available for the students who would apply to study for a degree. On completion of the learning and meeting all the requirements, the students are awarded the graduation certificate and relevant degree.

V. How to apply?

1. Time: The first two weeks of each semester (before March 10th and September 10th each year). Short-term students will start according to each individual schedule.
2. The applicants should fill in an application form issued by this college. The form can be obtained either from the college in person or by downloading from the website above. Two months before the semester starts, the applicants should submit the following materials to the college:
1) Overseas Student Application Form of Taiyuan University of Technology
2) Health certificate and AIDS certificate
3) Two passport photos
3. When you are admitted, you will receive Admission Notice and J W202 form
4. With these documents, the students can apply for a visa from the local Chinese embassy or consulate. (X visa for over half year study and F or X for under half year study)
5. Register on time according to the Admission Notice.
VI. Cost of Study
1. Application Fee: 700 yuan RMB / student
2. Tuition:
1) 22,000 yuan RMB / year for each student for a degree
2) Short-term student: 1,800 yuan RMB / student for 1 month
4,800 yuan RMB / student for 3 months
6,600 yuan RMB / student for 1 semester
12,000 yuan RMB / student for 1 year
3. Dormitory: 300—500 yuan RMB / student with 500 yuan RMB / student as deposit
4. Other costs, such as textbooks, food, medical care, tour, are at the student's own expense.

(三)汉文化班学员,学习期限2周至12 周,长短均可。
2 健康证明书、艾滋病检查证书
3 本人2寸免冠照片2张
4 报名费20美元/人
您被录取后,将收到我处寄来的以下文件:录取通知书、JW202 表。
1.注册费:40美元/ 人
2.学费:短期生每人2 周150美元,两周后每周50 美元;长期生1个学期700 美元, 1 学年1300美元。
3.教材费:每人每学期25美元, 学生在校自行购买。
4.食宿:本校为留学生提供宿舍,房内备有床、书桌、衣柜、电视、电话,有 卫生间,2 人标准间,4.5美元/ 人天,双间套18美元/ 天。学生也可选择在附近租房。学生在留学生餐厅或学生食堂购买饭票选餐,约20 美元/人周。

(二)汉文化班学员,学习期限2周至12 周,长短均可。

No. 79, West Yingze Street
College of International Education Exchange
Taiyuan University of Technology
Taiyuan, Shanxi, the P. R. China
Post Code: 030024
Telephone: +86-351-6010232; +86-351-6018290
Fax: +86-351-6041142
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
          This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
         This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

电话: 0351-6010232
传真: 0351-6041142
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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