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SUN YAT-SEN University
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Sun Yat-sen University is located in Guangdong Province, the frontal of reform and opening. At present the University has 4 campuses with a total area of 6.17 square kilometers sitting respectively on both sides of the Pearl River or facing the South China Sea. The Guangzhou South Campus covers an area of 1.17 square kilometers, the North Campus covers an area of 0.39 square kilometers, and the Zhuhai Campus covers an area of 3.48 square kilometers. All campuses have exuberance of green trees, abundance of lawns and beautiful sceneries, and are ideal for molding the temperaments, studying and doing research. The Guangzhou East Campus has an area of 1.13 square kilometers and is now under construction.

Sun Yat-sen University is a comprehensive university including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, technical science, medical science, pharmacology and management science. There are 25 schools and colleges, including the School of Humanities, Lingnan College, School of Foreign Languages, School of Law, School Political Science and Public Administration, School of Business, School of Education, School of Communication and Design, School of mathematics and Computational Science, School of Physics and Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, School of Geology and Planning, School of Environmental Science and Project, School of Life Science, School of Information Science and Technology, School of Engineering, School of Oversea Education Exchange, Sun Yat-sen Medical College, School of Fundamental Medicine, School of Public Health, Guanghua School of Stomatology, Nursing School, School of Pharmacology, as well as the Department of Earth Science, the Graduate School, School of Software, School of Network Education, College of Continuing Education, etc. 


The teaching program for Chinese as a Foreign Language (CFL) in the University has enjoyed both promising development and favorable reputation since its initiation in early 1980s. The past two decades have witnessed the progress of the University's CFL teaching and training in various aspects.


Chinese (as a Foreign Language) Undergraduate Program
The Program has two subprograms-the Chinese Language and the Business Chinese.
Students in the Subprogram of the Chinese Language are trained to be specialized personnel of the Chinese language, knowledgeable about China and adaptable to the needs of the modern international development.

Students in the Subprogram of the Business Chinese are trained to be those who can practice commercial trades in fluent Chinese, knowledgeable about China and adaptable to the needs of the modern commerce.

Foreigners with a senior high school graduation certificate, aged 18 or above, whose native language is not Chinese, and of good health, are eligible to apply to take the Program. The length of study for the Program is four years, which can be prolonged to a maximum of eight years.

Graduation certificates will be issued when students have fulfilled the stipulated curriculum, acquired enough credits, completed the thesis on Chinese language and passed Band 8 of HSK. Students who satisfy the relevant requirements will be conferred upon the B.A. degree.

Tuition: RMB 18,200 yuan/year
Application fee: RMB 400 yuan
Teaching Materials: according to the book price

Chinese (as a Foreign Language) Undergraduate Program is divided into two directions: General Chinese language and Business Chinese. Students in either of direction of the first two years will take same basic courses which include elementary and intermediate Chinese, conversational Chinese, listening, extensive reading and basic composition. Students of the third and fourth years will take courses according to their chosen direction:

Courses for General Chinese Language direction: Advanced Comprehensive Course, Advanced Conversational Chinese, Chinese Composition, Modern Chinese Language, Basic Classical Chinese Language, Chinese Culture, Chinese Newspaper Reading and other selective courses.

Courses for Business Chinese direction: Comprehensive Business Chinese, Conversational Business Chinese, Chinese Business Composition, Chinese Business Reading, Economy of Current China, Basic Economics, International Trade and other selective courses.

General Chinese (Mandarin) Training Courses
The Courses last from six months to three years. Students are placed into classes of different levels according to their proficiency in Chinese upon enrollment. The classes are divided into three levels: elementary, intermediary, and advanced ones.

The elementary class concentrates on teaching students basic Chinese knowledge and training their language skills.

The intermediary class focuses on further developing students' reading and writing skills while enhancing their basic Chinese knowledge.

The advanced class emphases on training students' overall Chinese language skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and helping students gain an insight into Chinese culture and society.

If a student transfers to the CFL Undergraduate Program, his/her scores accredited from the training courses and relevant learning experiences will be approved (by the School' s confirmation) and passed onto the recording of the total credits for the undergraduate program.

In general, after one to two years' training in these language programs, the students would be enabled to attend the classes instructed in normal speed Chinese for the native Chinese students.

The students whose Chinese proficiency meet the HSK test requirement (HSK Band 3 for natural science students and HSK Band 6 for liberal arts students) and other related conditions can be recommended by the School to conduct undergraduate study in other schools or departments.

Tuition: RMB 17,400 yuan/year
Application fee: RMB 400 yuan
Teaching Materials: according to the book price

Non-degree Chinese Language Training Programs offer the following courses: Speaking Skill, Listening, Reading, Writing, Audio & Video Comprehension, Intensive Reading, Chinese Newspaper Reading and Cantonese.

Cantonese Training Courses
Cantonese training courses are conducted in small classes. The courses are instructed in Mandarin and the students are required to have a basic command of Mandarin.

Tuition: RMB 17,400 yuan/year
Application fee: RMB 400 yuan
Teaching Materials: according to the book price

Short--term Chinese Training Program
The training program lasts from 1 week to 4 weeks according to trainees' needs and requirements. Apart from language training, this program would usually arrange varied cultural activities and traveling upon students' needs. Group applications are welcome all the year round.

Tuition: RMB 1,100 yuan / 1 week
             RMB 1,950 yuan/ 2 weeks 
             RMB 2,800 yuan / 3 weeks
             RMB 3,300 yuan / 4 weeks
Application fee: RMB 400 yuan
Teaching Materials: according to the book price
Traveling fee: aacording to specific cultural activities and traveling

CFL Teacher Training Program (short-term)
If foreign colleges and universities or other institutions hold short-term CFL teacher training programs, the Department of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language of SOEE can assign teachers abroad to instruct courses. Expenses are to be decided.

SOEE also accepts CFL teachers from other countries to attend the short-term teacher training programs held in the School. The Department would provide tailored programs and courses to group trainees. Expenses are to be decided.

 M.A. & Ph.D. Programs of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language
The length of study for M.A. Program is generally 2 years and for Ph.D. Program 3 years. The Programs are oriented towards the research on CFL teaching and learning and second language acquisition. Students enrolled in these Programs are required to take courses not only on linguistic theories and Chinese language studies, but also on CFL methodologies, particularly the up- to- date second language acquisition theories and research methods which are closely related with psychology and education. The students are also required to take course on computer science.

All international students who are interested in Chinese language studies and CFL teaching are welcome to apply for the Programs. For any master degree program applicant, a B. A. is a prerequisite and for any doctoral degree program applicant, an M. A. is a prerequisite.

M.A. student: RMB 21,600 yuan / year
Doctoral student: RMB 25,600 yuan / year
Application fee: RMB 940 yuan, including examination fee
Teaching Materials: according to book price

Courses for TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) M.A students include Second Language Acquisition, Studies on Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language, Applied Chinese Grammar, Inter-language Error Analysis, Social Linguistics, Computational Linguistics, Applied Phonetics and Research Methods on Second Language. M.A students could also take courses, such as Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Functional Linguistics, etc. offered by the other departments or schools.

Courses for Ph.D. of Linguistics and Applied Linguistics include Classics in Applied Linguistics, Monographic Studies in Applied Linguistics, Researches on the Teaching of Chinese to Foreigners, Sociolinguistics, Researches on Applications of Dialectology, Term Paper, Frontier Lectures on Specific Subjects, Teaching Practice.

Address: Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou, China, 510275
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Telephone: +86-20-84112828

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
电 话: +86-20-84112828


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