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Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
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Founded in 1917, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics is a multi-dimensional university which focuses on applied economics and management with theoretical economics as its basis, and its subjects include science, law, philosophy and humanities as well. In 1996 the university passed the departmental preliminary evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education for entering the national “211 project” and one year later it passed the examination for the approval of the project. The year 2000 saw the university pass the undergraduate teaching evaluation and was designated as an outstanding university for its undergraduate teaching. The university has a contingent of around 900 high level faculty members among whom there are around 500 professors and associate professors. In many disciplines, academic echelons have been formed with rational age structures and different academic backgrounds. In recent years the university has been proactive in recruiting young and middle aged teachers with high academic qualifications, optimizing the structure of the faculty.


International Cultural Exchange School (ICES) of SUFE is devoted to the education of foreign students and enrolls both students who have won Chinese Government Scholarship and students studying at their own expenses. A well-designed, multi-level education system has been in place. The School focuses on the training of students in the field of international economy and management who have a good understanding of China’s markets and economy. Chinese language training course has Business character. Among the 1,000 odd students from 82 countries, nearly 70% of them are studying towards a degree. With the trend towards globalization and China’s access to WTO, the School has become Number One choice for those who want to pursue a degree in the fields of economics and management in China.


Adds: No.777 Guoding Road, Shanghai


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