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Home Communication & Others Wanna Make local Chinese Friends? Get a QQ Account Now!
Wanna Make local Chinese Friends? Get a QQ Account Now!
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Do you know what China’s most popular IM software is?

altIf your answer is Windows Live Message or whatever except QQ, sorry, you’ve already lost a point with your new found friend, or even worse, you can’t really find a local Chinese friend at all.

It is true that Western-based IMs are also in use in China. However, most of the local Chinese still tend to use Tencents QQ. Checking their QQ messages is their daily routine. QQ is so widely used that among the altyounger generation you're  likely to get someone's QQ number as their mobile number. For foreigners in China and wishing to make friends with local Chinese, QQ account is what you NEED.

Then, how to get a QQ account in English?

altNot until recently, getting a QQ account is really troublesome. Though Tencent has had an English version of the QQ software since 2005, the process of registeration is still Chinese. this hindered many English-speaking QQ-wannabes. Back then only if you don't happened to have a Chinese friend who can sighup and get a coveted QQ number that can be plugged into the software, you'd better keep your dictionary at hand.



Now, the good news is NO LONGER!

altFollow the two steps and get your account now:

1.To get started, you need a PC verson of Tencent QQ.
     Click here to Dlownload the English version of QQ

2.To complete installation, you'll need a unique QQ account/number. 
      Click here to Signing up for a QQ account.

 If you've done, it is time to search for new friends and connected with local Chinese now!


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