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Where to Get the China Visa?
Chinese Law
Where to Get the China Visa?

A China visa is permission/proof issued by Chinese visa issuing authorities permitting foreigners entry to, exit from or transit through China. According to foreigners' status, their purposes for coming to China and the passport type, the Chinese visa issuing authorities may separately issue them the diplomatic visa, courtesy visa, service visa or ordinary visa. For the ordinary visa, there are eight categories, separately represented by eight Chinese phonetic letters (C, D, F, G, J-1, J-2, L, X, Z) as the visa code.
The Chinese visa issuing authorities refer to the Chinese embassies, the general consulates and other organizations authorized by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China stationed abroad. If a foreigner wants to enter or transit through China, he should go to the above-mentioned Chinese visa issuing authorities to apply for the required visa. An alternative is he can also find a China tour company for help to avoid the handing procedures.

The official responsibility of the visa issuing organizations is to issue the visa; simultaneously they have the authority to cancel or refuse a visa issue, or announce the invalidity of all visas issued.





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