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Home Living in China Chinese Law Law of the People’s Republic of China on Medical Practitioners
Law of the People’s Republic of China on Medical Practitioners
Chinese Law

Law of the People’s Republic of China on Medical Practitioners

第一章总则Chapter I General Provisions

第一条为了加强医师队伍的建设,提高医师的职业道德和业务素质,保障医师的合法权益,保护人民健康,制定本法。Article 1 This Law is enacted for the purpose of strengthening a contingent of doctors, improving occupational morals and professional skills of doctors, safeguarding legitimate rights and interests of doctors, and protecting the people’s health.

第二条依法取得执业医师资格或者执业助理医师资格,经注册在医疗、预防、保健机构中执业的专业医务人员,适用本法。Article 2 This Law is applicable to professional medical workers who are qualified as medical practitioners or assistant medical practitioners according to law and registered to practice medicine in institutions of medical treatment, prevention or health care.

本法所称医师,包括执业医师和执业助理医师。"Doctors" referred to in this Law include medical practitioners and assistant medical practitioners.

第三条医师应当具备良好的职业道德和医疗执业水平,发扬人道主义精神,履行防病治病、救死扶伤、保护人民健康的神圣职责。Article 3 Doctors should possess good occupational morals and professional medical knowledge, practice humanitarianism, and perform the sacred duties of preventing and treating diseases, healing the wounded and rescuing the dying and protecting the people’s health.

全社会应当尊重医师。医师依法履行职责,受法律保护。The whole society should respect doctors. Doctors are protected by law in performing duties according to law.

第四条国务院卫生行政部门主管全国的医师工作。Article 4 The administrative department of health under the State Council shall be responsible for the work for doctors throughout the country.

县级以上地方人民政府卫生行政部门负责管理本行政区域内的医师工作。Administrative departments of health under local people’s governments at or above the county level shall be responsible for the work for doctors within their respective administrative regions.

第五条国家对在医疗、预防、保健工作中作出贡献的医师,给予奖励。Article 5 The state rewards doctors who have made contributions to medical treatment, prevention of diseases and health care.

第六条医师的医学专业技术职称和医学专业技术职务的评定、聘任,按照国家有关规定办理。Article 6 Medical professional and technical titles of doctors and the appraisal and appointment of medical professional and technical posts for doctors shall be handled according to relevant state provisions.

第七条医师可以依法组织和参加医师协会。Article 7 Doctors may organize and join the doctors’ association according to law.

第二章考试和注册Chapter II Examination and Registration

第八条国家实行医师资格考试制度。Article 8 The state practices an examination system for the qualifications of doctors.


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