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Home Industrial & Scientific China International Processing, Packaging Machinery & Equipment Industry Exhibition (PACKAGING 2008)
China International Processing, Packaging Machinery & Equipment Industry Exhibition (PACKAGING 2008)
Industrial & Scientific
PACKAGING 2008 is currently the rapid-growing packaging trade show in Chinese market. It mainly targets at solid food processing and packaging industries and covers buyers form personal care & cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceuticalmarkets as well. PACKAGING 2008 will be held from 24-27 Sep 2008 in Beijing China International Expo Center, new hall.

Opening Hours:
24/9 09:30 – 16:30
25-26/9 09:00 – 16:30
27/9 09:00 – 15:00

New China International Exhibition Centre, Beijing (NCIEC)
No. 88 Yuxiang Road, Tianzhu Shunyi District, Beijing, China
Free Shuttle bus: Take free shuttle bus at CIEC, North Tiantongyuan station of Metro 5 or Capital Airport to NCIEC

The Chinese Packaging industry has been enjoying swift growth for years. The output value of the industry has reached RMB 410 billion, ranking third in the world, second only to USA and Japan. At present, the Chinese packaging industry is in the critical period of transformation.

It is estimated that the total output value of Chinese industry will run to RMB 450 billion, with an annual growth rate of 7% during the “11th Five-year Plan” period. From 2011 to 2015, the total output value will exceed RMB 600 billion, with an annual growth of 16%.

With the rapid development of Chinese economy and upturn of living standards, demand on microwave, convenience, and chilled food has been continuously increasing, which will drive the demand for food packaging, thus spurring the growth of Chinese food and packaging machinery industry for a considerable period. Classified by material, the Chinese packaging output will total up to 36 million tons in 2015, including 9.46 million tons of plastic packaging products, 4.91 million tons of metal ones and 15.5 million tones of glass ones, as well as 1.2 million sets of packaging machinery. Oriented towards a cyclic economy, packaging waste recycling and green packaging materials and the packaging industry in general are expected to experience sound and sizable development in the near future.

2007 grand event of China packaging industry—PACKAGING 2007 and LiquiTek 2007 was held successfully during 12th to 14th June in Shanghai New Int’l Expo Center with 21,000 sqm exhibiting area, 341 leading packaging suppliers, 12,053 professional visitors and 13 high-quality forums and seminars. PACKAGING 2007 and LiquiTek 2007 is a big industry event covering each sectors and total process of liquid packaging with tradeshow, forums, seminars and special activities, which creates an excellent platform for both foreign and domestic companies to explore in more relevant business fields.

New technology and new equipment presenting on the show

As a grand industry show covering packaging machinery and containers & materials, PACKAGING 2007 indicates the integration of packaging machinery, equipment parts, containers & materials and design service; With continuous efforts of studying industry features and exploring industry trends, we creatively promote LiquiTek 2007, which indicates high profession of packaging solutions in liquid packaging industry and shows new demands, trend and hot issues of liquid packaging industry in 2007.

PACKAGING 2007 and LiquiTek 2007 attract 341 exhibitors from over 16 countries such as Mainland China, HK SAR, Taiwan China, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, Canada, USA, the Netherlands, Italy, Korea and Japan. Centrally presenting of products on the show focusing on 10 key areas such as flexible packaging machinery, filling and sealing equipment, Blow molding& injection molding machinery, coding/labeling equipment, inspection/weighing equipment, sterilizing/processing equipment, bind/wrapping equipment, packaging containers & materials and automation & accessories.

Global top suppliers in filling equipments such as SHIKOKU, SIPA, Ecolean, Techgen, ZhongYa, Newamstar, LangFang Packaging, ZhangYan Light Industry, YueDong, TianYu all brought advanced equipments on site; Benison, NewLong, Komatsu, DaChuan showed their leading filling and sealing equipments; ABB, INTERROLL, Metalwork, Bosch Rexroth, Siemens brought automation and control system to influence traditional industry patterns; Themo, Sleever, Lachenmeier, Kirin, Anritsu, Mettler, Imaje, LABEL, HuaLian, SBWPack, NaErJie, Nordson, Heuft presented labeling, coding, sealing, wrapping, conveying, inspection technology in secondary packaging fields.

These new technology and equipments showed their glory on site and business meetings were in full swing. Meanwhile, quite a lot of equipments were ordered and sales leads were successfully achieved. PACKAGING 2007 and LiquiTek 2007 have been an excellent platform for one-stop purchasing of professional machinery.

High quality visitors in an endless stream

High-quality exhibitions cannot run without high-quality visitors. The three-day exhibition attracted 12,053 people from all over the world. There were total 11,530 visitors from Mainland and 523 overseas visitors from 41 countries, which hit a new history record.

Giants from industries of food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceuticals and personal care participated in this yearly grand event in packaging industry. Mengniu, YiLi, Bright Dairy, SanLu, SanYuan, WeiGang, WanDaShan, Taizinai and International Nutrition from dairy industry; Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Uni-Presidence, Master Kong, HuiYuan, China Resource Beer, QingDao Beer, Suntory, WaHaHa, YangShengTang, Effem, OiShi, Wrigley, Crafts Food from food & beverage industry; Unilever, J&J, L’oreal, C-Bons from personal care & household industry and sinopharm, HaYao, roche,etc from pharmaceuticals industry.

Many industry associations all over the world such as Japan Packaging Plan and Service institute, Taiwan Packaging machinery institute, Italy packaging machinery institute and Mongolia Trade & Exhibition Bureau, Indonesia Food Federation and KPMA,etc. organized visiting delegations to this show.

All visitors have regarded PACKAGING 2007 and LiquiTek 2007 as platform of equipment purchasing and successful story & information exchanging, which has powerfully indicated the reputation and honor of PACKAGING 2007 and LiquiTek 2007.

Various activities on site

During the short 3 days, we have totally 13 high-level forums and seminars with nearly all seats occupied. “New Insights for China Dairy Industry Forum---Fresh dairy products: new insights and new options”, nearly all leaders with positions above deputy GM in top 100 dairy and beverage enterprises participated in the forum. From technical level to marketing operation, they jumped out of intrinsic pattern to help China’s dairy industry under transformation find new developments. They were also trying to find new breakout for China Dairy through a novel and diversified way. “New insights of China CTP Market Forum---innovative packaging technology and market opportunity” will study new development of China personal care and cosmetic industry from viewpoint of packaging and provided open platform for innovation; “2007 Press Conference for China liquid product and new technology” and “2007China Packaging Technology Development Trend Conference” will analyze from policy regulation to technical innovation in purpose of forecasting the future of China packaging industry comprehensively. Still we had professional technical seminars such as robot automation, machinery visualization, leading technology in beverage packaging, food and safety inspection so that we could deeply analyze successful experience and discuss new technology, equipment and thoughts of packaging industry.

PACKAGING 2007 and LiquiTek 2007 gained great success through international operation pattern and professional services. We have jumped to become an influential show in China’s packaging industry and successfully built a convenient, effective, communicative and win-win platform among exhibitors, visitors and buyers so as to impulse China’s packaging industry to develop healthily, fast and harmoniously.

Compared with other trade shows, PACKAGING2008 is featured by:

Professionalism and integrity. Aside from focusing on solid food manufacturers and processors, the show will also invite buyers from daily chemical, chemical, medical, household appliance, clothing, present and household textile markets
Visitor from home and abroad. At PACKAGING2007, visitors from home increased by 25% than last edition, while number of overseas visitors increased by 426%. It is estimated that, at PACKAGING2008, domestic visitors will increase by 30%, while the growth rate of overseas ones will exceed 500%
One of the fastest developing shows among its likes.
The annual growth rate of exhibitors is 114%
The strategic cooperation with Alibaba’s International and Chinese website will drive substantial increase in global and domestic visitors
Support and participation from global and domestic leading enterprises
“Global Purchase Conference of Chinese Packaging Machinery” will be held during the same period, which will promote international trade of packaging equipment