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8th China Model Exposition
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In the 2008 golden autumn, the 8th China Model Exposition(第八届中国国际模型博览会) was held In Beijing Exhibition Hall on Oct. 3-6, 2008. The area is more than 15000sqm. There are more than 100 exhibitors, came from Chinese, Japanese, South Korean, Thai, American, German, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and so on more than 20 nations and the local, have confirmed to attend the 8th China model Exposition, such as FUTABA, O.S. Hirobo, ORACOVER, etc.

The Exposition, with mighty lineup, brilliant exhibits, had displayed the level of model production and the developing tendency to Chinese audiences and hobbyists in the model field. During the exposition, We felt the huge potential of Chinese model market and beautiful prospect of Chinese model industrial development.

The principal of China Model Exposition is that exposition will promote the cooperation with international model production. The direction of our effort is that it will promote the development of the model production and the model market. Our pursuing aim is that it will be established a famous brand exposition in Asia, even in the world. By the Organizing Committee exposition elaborately planning, the exposition formed the several focus:

1. On the focus of “Making Model, Making Pleasure”, the Committee will organize “2008 National Imitational Model Master Match”,” Simulate Flying” etc.

2, by many years hard working , the 8th China Model Exposition, expanded day by day in the international model profession influence and well-known. During the period of exhibition, thousands of professionals came to visit, including comes from more than 40 countries and the local. They came from separately South Korea, Japan, Thailand, US, Germany, England, Belgium, Italy, France, Sweden, Czechoslovakia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Canada, the Polivy Asia, Australia, South Africa and so on. Many worlds well-known models enterprise also attended the exposition, and enlivened in various booths for their business. This is the meeting “the second scenery”.

3, The organizer committee have make promotion in so many professional Media in China and oversea, such as Model World, Radio Control from Japan,

Arousing the social public media widespread interest, specially China Center Television's news, as well as tracked the report to roll continuously broadcast, the session of the exhibition to be splendid and the grand occasion got a panoramic view. At the same time the column of the Beijing Television such as "Special Attention” “New trunk of Science and Technology " also by the different angle of view, had demonstrated model movement more connotations to the audiences.

The expositions another characteristic was specialized, the content was extremely rich. Also that was a direction of Chinese model industry development, the exhibits’ scope includes: Model airplane and astronautics model, navigation model, vehicles model, simulation model each kind of model; Remote control device, model engine, electric motor, rocket engine and so on auxiliary product; Model each kind of material which with the fuel, the battery, the manufacture model material and so on. Each link in model profession industry chain and the correlation product, all of above referred production is taken to the threshing ground at the model exhibition; it concentrated the recent year’s model new product, the new technology, the new concept, directing the international model development popular tendency.

Organizing Committee Contact

Add: 12A Guang An Men Nan Jie, Beijing 100053, China
Tel: 86-10-63547545, 83540336
Fax: 86-10-63547597
e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Contact: Annie Wu, Cathy Cheng