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FAQ About Buying Property in China
Housing & Finance

Do I need a Chinese name?
For a foreigner to purchase a new property or a second hand property in Beijing, the regulations and taxes are the same as for Chinese buyers. The foreign purchaser needs an authorized Chinese name (notarization). The cost will be RMB200. It is better to have several copies for a future usage. One additional copy is RMB10. The name on your property
license should contain your passport name as well as your Chinese name.

How to manage my property if I am busy?
If you are not in China or no time to deal with the leasing issues, you could authorize Beijing your home Real Estate Company to manage your property, such as looking for a tenant, contract management, asset management and lease management. The service fee is around 2% of the monthly rental. If the property is vacant, the management fee shall be according to the marketing rental.

If taking a mortgage

Registration fee: around 0.5% to 1% of the loan amount.
You can get a 60% to 70% mortgage at the foreign bank (USD loan or RMB loan) or some Chinese banks (USD loan or RMB loan).
Different developers offer different appointed bank mortgage services.



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