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Advice for Buying Property in China
Housing & Finance
While the house was constructed without any major problems, you had an advantage. Specifically, we have a family friend who owns the real estate company, therefore, small problems we encountered were easily fixed. I assume most expatriates do not have this luxury.

One, don’t invest in forward delivery housing - buying property before it’s finished or even begun to be built - the price may be a little cheaper, but the risk is much higher.
No one wanted to help and everyone started finger-pointing. Luckily, labor is cheap in China and it only cost us a few hundred US dollars to fix.

Two, make sure the area surrounding the property you’re considering has all the amenities and infrastructure you’re looking for.

Suppose you bought into the most affluent community. Not having nearby stores is not a big problem as the community is only a mile away from civilization —music that blares throughout the community “PA rock system” is incredibly obnoxious, playing the same tribe music, all day, every day. How can you stand it!

Three, make sure you invest in a property that is managed by a reputable company.
This is, by far, the most important research you should do before handing over any money. And how do you check on which company is reputable? In our case, our company is reputable but the experience is still lacking.
The bottom line is this — there are many properties that are already built in China. Go that route. You can ask the current tenants how the experience is, you inspect the quality of the property, you can talk to the property management company, and you can see the surrounding areas, the list goes on.


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