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Home Housing & Finance What Are the Rules for Foreigners Buying House in Beijing?
What Are the Rules for Foreigners Buying House in Beijing?
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Foreigners who intend to buy a house in Beijing need a certificate issued by the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau to prove that they have stayed in China for at least one year for reasons of work or study, according to a statement jointly issued by six ministries led by the Construction Ministry.
The rule required that foreigners only use and dwell in the house themselves and not buy a house for other purposes.
Foreigners were also required to use their real names when buying a house in China.

Residents from China's Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions, Taiwan and overseas Chinese should also be in possession of proper certificates when buying a house.
Foreign organizations, that set up branches or agencies in Beijing should provide certificates to prove their legal status in the city and give written guarantees that the houses they buy are only used for their own needs.
Foreign organizations and foreign individuals who want to buy houses in Beijing, other than for their own needs, should apply to set up a foreign company first.
If they want to buy houses to rent or sell or change them for commercial use, they should apply to set up a foreign company and obtain an operations certificate.
Foreign embassies in China, representatives of international organizations and people who enjoy diplomatic privileges should have a note of approval to buy a house from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Inquiries can be made to the Public Security Bureau by telephoning 8402-0101.


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