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I'm not a native English speaker. Can I teach English in China?

Native English speakers are preferred but not required as long as
you have a good command of the English language and do not
have much of a foreign accent. There are many teachers in
China who were not born in but educated in English speaking
countries with not much of a foreign accent. There are many ESL/EFL teachers in China who did not educate in English speaking countries but have taught very well.

How to apply for a work-visa?

Once you are offered a position, you may obtain a Z (work) visa from the Chinese embassy/consulate in your nation nearest to you .Of cause,after you come in China,the school in China and the State Bureau of Foreign Experts also do with it.

What about the compensation in China?
A: For your service at a school,college or university, you will be
paid between 2,000 and 5,000RMB/month (roughly $300-$620) in addition to free housing and health care. If you commit to one year of teaching, most host schools will reimburse at least a
one-way ticket and many schools will a round-trip ticket. Some schools will also provide a traveling allowance equivalent to half of a month's salary. 2,000-3,000RMB a month is far greater than what Chinese professors get
paid, it's little money by the Western standards. In any case, things are cheap in China
and 2,000-3,000RMB is enough to cover your basic expenses. However people come to
teach in China mainly for the experience with the culture and the people. There are also people who use the opportunity as an investment for their future career. Private institutes, mostly under Western management, generally pay more than state colleges and
universities. The pay ranges from $500-$800 per month. All of them reimburse a round-trip ticket to China if you commit to one year of teaching at least.

Am I able to teach in China without any prior teaching experience?

Many teachers who come to China to teach have no prior teaching experience especially
for shorter term programs. It is fine as long as you have the motivation and patient to teach. If you do not have any prior teaching experience and never been China before, we will suggest you to participate TEFL training and orientation program before the start of your teaching program. The training course will be taught by experienced certified teachers in China and will cover various teaching techniques. There will also be seminars discussing
Chinese students learning characteristics and cross culture barriers as well as living
issues in China. Crash courses on Mandarin Chinese, local excursions, and social events
will also be included. Some schools will also provide extra training when you arrive.And it is free. What about taking children abroad?


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