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Home Legal Related Foster An Animal - SCAA Foster Care Programme Frequently Asked Questions
Foster An Animal - SCAA Foster Care Programme Frequently Asked Questions
Legal Related
Are you living in Shanghai temporarily and cannot permanently adopt an
animal, but miss having a pet in your
home? Are quarantine laws so strict in
your home country that you can't face putting an adopted animal through the experience but would love to have pets
in your home while posted in Shanghai?
Do you travel too much and think it
would be unfair to leave a pet at home
alone too often but miss having a furry friend loving you whenever you return to your home? If so, then SCAA foster
care may just be the way to help save an animal in need and allow you to have a part-time
pet to share your life while you are living in Shanghai!! Please note that all foster care parents must sign a waiver.

What are the requirements to foster an animal?
Foster parents should have the time and patience to foster potentially sick, timid animals. Many animals are healthy and well-adjusted, but there are no guarantees.
Dogs and puppies need to be walked at least twice a day and all animals should be kept away from open windows and balconies.
If you have an ayi, she should be properly instructed on the animal care standards you expect her to provide when you are not home.

What are my obligations as a foster parent?
Foster parents cover the costs of food, toys and transportation to the vet and regular Adoption Days. Adoption Days provide us with our main opportunity to permanently place animals so we ask you to juggle your schedule to get foster animals there.
If your foster animal gets sick or needs vaccinations while in foster care, you must arrange a vet visit, covered by SCAA (unless you wish to donate to medical costs).

Can I choose which animal I foster?
It depends. Fostering a cat or dog is your choice as dogs generally demand more time and energy.
Requests to foster specific animals can't be accommodated if the animal is already in foster care. However, SCAA can certainly accommodate a need to take certain types of animals (e.g. healthy, young, older etc.) based on your family situation and any current pets.

Do foster animals get a vet check-up before going into foster care?
Foster animals will have received an initial check-up and treatment for fleas, mites and
worms. Sometimes, ongoing medication needs to be administered by foster parents.
Healthy older animals will have been vaccinated.
SCAA can't guarantee an animal won't get sick in foster care though.

What happens if the animal doesn't adjust to my home / family?
Most animals need a few days to adjust to new people and surroundings. However, if your foster animal is clearly not adapting to you, your family and any pets, we will re-home the foster animal as soon as possible.

What happens if I have to travel out of Shanghai?
Given enough advance notice, SCAA can arrange for a temporary foster home to cover you while you are away.
Most times foster homes are scarce, so if you can ask a trusted friend or neighbor to cover you for a short time, that helps keep new foster homes free for longer term placements.

Can I adopt my foster animal?
SCAA would love to see a foster animal find a good permanent home. Given our significant medical costs, we ask for a donation upon adoption to cover some of the costs we've
already incurred as well as to allow us to rescue more animals in the future.
We cannot "hold" a foster animal for you and unless you decide to adopt shortly after fostering, there is a chance your foster animal may be adopted by someone else at
Adoption Day.

SCAA is desperately seeking more foster care parents!!! You can make a difference and
save the life of a companion animal in need of your loving care, no matter how temporary!
For more information, please contact SCAA Foster Care Director, Lee-Anne Armstrong, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or SCAA Hotline: 13918552425


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