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Outdoor Sports in Beijing
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alt1. What kinds of outdoor sports are available in Beijing?
There are many mountains which are 2,000 meters above sea level around Beijing, so hiking is one of the favorites of outdoor sports lovers. Other sports available are rock climbing, ice climbing, and hang gliding.

2. How to choose suitable sites for outdoor sports?
Although many mountains are scattered around Beijing, not all of them are suitable for outdoor sports. Choose those with convenient transportation, stable communication facilities, and sufficient clean water supplies.

3. Which area is banned from outdoor sports?
There are military zones on some mountains in Beijing, where signs are usually posted to warn people not to enter. Note that according to relevant laws and regulations, except for those in several scenic resorts, other sections of the Great Wall have been prohibited to visitors since August 1, 2003. The forbidden sections include Huanghuacheng and Jiankou, where many foreigners used to be able to visit.

alt4. What should you do if any emergency occurs during your trip?
If any dangerous emergency occurs, you should dial the 110 police hotline with a mobile phone. In the areas without adequate signal coverage, you can ask for help at 437.5000 MHz or 409.8500 MHz through a radio. In addition, most of the areas around Beijing are populated. Continue in a single direction, and you will find someone to help you.

5. What kinds of outdoor sports clubs are there in Beijing?
Since some outdoor sports can be dangerous if attempted alone, you would be wise to join a club for such outings. In Beijing, there are many different outdoor sports clubs for you to join, including Sanfo (, Fengyuxue (, and Lvye (


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