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Q&As for Olympic ticketing
Shopping & Leisure
Should I wait until the opening of Beijing 2008
Olympic Games before buying my tickets?
It is better to buy your tickets sooner than later. The best seats of the more popular events sell out quickly.

When do I pay for my tickets?
In Phase 1, if you have been allocated tickets through the lottery, BOCOG will charge an amount appropriate to the actual ticket allocation using the payment information on
your application form. When purchasing tickets in Phase 2
and Phase 3, the amounts are due at the time you place an order.

Why is Visa the only card accepted for the Olympic Games Ticket Sales?
As a worldwide Olympic partner, Visa has been the exclusive payment card and the official payment service of the Olympic Games since 1986 and will continue its category sponsorship through 2012, including the Beijing 2008 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

I lost my Visa card after submitting my ticket application. What should I do?
Please report your loss to your card issuer immediately and call the Games organizing committee with your new Visa card information. We will update your information.

Can I use my Visa card or my Bank of China savings account to pay for someone else's ticket application?
No. You must make sure the name, ID type and ID number on your ticket application are consistent with those of your Visa card or Bank of China savings account.

Can I cancel my application after it is submitted?
Once your Olympic ticket application form is submitted, it cannot be edited or cancelled. After the ticket lottery, any confirmed tickets cannot be refunded. Therefore, please carefully plan your application giving consideration to event schedules, venue locations, and ticket prices, etc. Please double-check all other information entered in your application form before submitting it.

Will it increase my probability of securing the tickets for a particular session if I submit multiple application forms or include the session multiple times on my form?
No, your chance of securing Olympic tickets will not be increased by either
multiple submissions of an application form
or multiple entries of an Olympic session
on one application form.

What is the maximum number of Olympic tickets I may purchase?
To achieve a maximum viewing audience, and eliminate a black market in ticket sales, BOCOG has placed a limit on the maximum number of tickets a customer can request for a particular session when filling out an application form. The ticket ordering limit for a session will automatically be displayed when you search for tickets online, or can be found in the ticket application booklets available at any participating Bank of China Olympic ticket outlets.

How do I find out if I have secured any Olympic tickets?
After the ticket lottery and allocation, BOCOG will notify the successful applicants. In addition, even without an online ticketing account, beginning in October 2007, applicants will be able to view their lottery results on the ticketing website after identifying themselves at the online prompts.

When are my tickets available for pick-up?
Your tickets will be available for pick-up at least 30 days prior to the opening of the Olympic Games. For security reasons, you tickets will not be sent to your mailing address. They will be sent to the participating Bank of China Olympic ticketing outlet you chose on your application form. Please pick up your tickets in person.

Can I submit an accommodation booking
along with my ticket application?
Sorry, BOCOG does not provide ticket-plus-accommodation travel packages. You will have to arrange for your own transport and accommodation prior to attending any Olympic sessions.

I live overseas. Can I book my Olympic tickets through this website?
Sorry, you are not eligible to book Olympic tickets through this website. Please contact your regional Olympic committee for inquiries on further ticketing information.

I'm a wheelchair user. Are Olympic venues built to be wheelchair-friendly?
Yes. All the Olympic venues are wheelchair accessible. If you need seats for wheelchair, please make sure to add "Wheelchair seats" instead of "Regular Seats" to your order.


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