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Home Travelling How Much Luggage can I Take on Chinese Domestic Flights?
How Much Luggage can I Take on Chinese Domestic Flights?

luggageThere are two categories of luggage in Chinese Domestic Flights. One is checked baggage, and the other is hand luggage or carry-on luggage, refers to the smaller bags and personal bags and personal items you are permitted to bring onto the plane and keep in the cabin with you on the flight.

The maximum number of items and the total weight passengers are allowed to take is varied from different cabin class. The first class is allowed to take 88 pounds, two pieces of baggage. The business class is allowed to take 66 pounds, one piece of baggage, while economy class is allowed to take 44 pounds, one piece of baggage.

Each hand luggage must not exceed 20×40×55 centimeters (8×16×22 inches) and should be less than five kilograms (about 11 pounds) in total. Any items that exceed these criteria are treated as checked luggage. First class passengers who hold adult or child tickets are permitted to carry on two pieces of hand baggage. Business or economy class passengers, only one piece of hand baggage is allowed.

Each piece of checked baggage should not exceed 50 kilograms in weight (110 pounds) and 40×60×100 centimeters (16×24 ×39 inches) in size.

Only passengers who hold an adult or children ticket are allowed to take a certain amount of checked luggage for free. No free luggage allowance for people who hold infant tickets.

The excess amount will incur an additional charge reckoned by distance and weight. Generally, 1 kilogram (2.2 pounds) costs 1.5% of a full economy-class airfare (one way, adult ticket).

Travelers should consult your travel agent for detailed information about your airlines if you have any doubt. You can also check information from your airline website or call them for additional assistance.


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