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FAQ about Air Transportation

China Southern AirlinesWhat should I do if my flight is cancelled or delayed?
If your internal flight is cancelled, the airline company usually will arrange an airport hotel for you to stay overnight and help you board another flight for you the next day. If your flight is delayed for some reason such as weather or mechanical problems the airline company usually will provide compensation to the travelers, but how much is the compensation is vary in different airline companies.

When should I arrive at the airport so that I will have enough time for boarding?
Airline usually stops checking-in 30 to 45 minutes before scheduled departure of the flights. Thus you need to arrive at least one to two hours before the departure time.

What is the airport tax in China?
For domestic flights inside China, a CNY 50.00 airport construction fee is levied for each adult (people older than 12 years), and for international flights, CNY 90.00 for departure tax. However, you do not need to pay it at the airport since they are included in the airfare since September 1st, 2004.

Are you able to request window or aisle seating on our domestic flights?
The seat assignment on flights cannot be booked when purchasing the tickets. However, your seat can be assigned when you receive your boarding pass at the airport. Please ask your tour guide or the airport staff to help you.

By Western standards, domestic air fares in China are relatively inexpensive especially if you are not traveling during Golden Week holidays or Spring Festival. There appears to be no advantage in price to booking your flight well in advance and most Chinese airlines will not accept reservations more than 45 to 60 days in advance of your departure. Generally speaking, booking a seat about a week or two in advance is sufficient for ensuring both availability and the best price.


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