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Home Travelling What's the Baggage Limitation for Each Foreigner When Coming to China?
What's the Baggage Limitation for Each Foreigner When Coming to China?

  Free Baggage Allowance

Passengers are entitled to a free baggage allowance: 40kg
for first class, 30kg for business class, 20kg for economy
class. In addition to the free baggage allowance, these
articles will be carried free: a lady's handbag, an overcoat, wrap or blanket, an umbrella or walking stick, a reasonable amount of reading matter for the flight, a small camera, a
pair of binoculars, infant food and an infant carrying basket, a fully collapsible invalid's wheelchair and or a pair of crutches?and/or braces or other prosthetic device for the passenger's use provided that the passenger is dependent upon them.

Articles or Materials That Cannot Be Carried As Baggage

Passengers are not allowed to carry in checked or carry-on baggage dangerous goods
such as flammable, explosive, corrosive, poisonous, radioactive, polymerizable, and
magnetized materials or articles. Passengers are not allowed to carry articles prohibited by People's Republic of China to leave, transit or enter the country. Passengers are strictly forbidden to board the plane carrying with them arms and sharp or lethal weapons.
Passengers are forbidden to carry in checked baggage currency, jewels, gold or silver
articles, bills, valuable securities etc.

Baggage Compensation

The air carrier will be liable to compensate for the loss or damage
 of the checked baggage. The compensation limit shall not exceed RMB 50 Yuan per kg according to actual weight recorded at the check-in. In other words, if the actual value of the baggage is not exceed RMB 50 Yuan per kg, it will be compensated as its real

Baggage Declared Value

Passengers may declare the value of their checked baggage if its value exceeds RMB 50
Yuan per kg and Carrier may refuse to collect a declare-value surcharge. Baggage declared value couldn't exceed the value of the current baggage. The maximum baggage declared value for each passenger is RMB 8000 Yuan. When such baggage is lost or damaged, the carrier will make compensation according to the declared value.


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