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Useful Contact Ways
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Getting news
TelephoneThere are some local English language news media in China. CCTV 9 is an English channel available in most cities. China Daily is an English newspaper available in upscale hotels and supermarkets catering to foreigners throughout China. There are also a few English magazines such as China Today.
Hotels above mid-ranged or mid-ranged often have satellite TV in the room. Many hotels also sell newspapers from around the world and business-oriented publications like The Economist, albeit at very high prices. Some provide international newspapers free for reading in their coffee shops.
However, there are a number of ways to get uncensored news in China.

China DailyE-mail
GMail and webmail hosted on GMail will be intermittently blocked, Yahoo!, Netscape and others are generally not blocked; they can be read from any Internet cafe or laptop/wireless connection in China. You can send you private mail to your family and friends, or send business letters to you cooperative partners. Both ways are convenient.

The Chinese Post Office is generally reliable and sometimes quick. There are a few things you China Postneed to adapt to:
Incoming mail will be both faster and more reliable if the address is in Chinese. If not, the Post Office will translate the address into Chinese but that takes time and is not 100% accurate.
Do Most Post Offices and courier services will refuse to send CDs or DVDs. You can this circumvent them by placing in CD wallets along with lots of other things and finally packing with clothes, which seems that you are sending your stuff home, is easier to send by sea.

International fax services are available in most large hotels for about RMB 10 or more. Faxes within China can be made in the ubiquitous photocopy outlets that have the Chinese characters for fax written on the front door.

Fax MachineTelephone service is more of a mixed bag. Calling outside the country is often difficult, and usually impossible without a calling card, which can often only be bought locally. The good news is these cards are fairly cheap, and the connection is surprisingly clear, uninterrupted and delay-free. Look for IP Telephone Cards, which typically have a value of ¥100 but sometimes can be had for as little as ¥25. The cards have printed Chinese instructions, but after dialing the number listed on the card English-spoken instructions are available. As a general indication of price, a call from China to Europe lasts around 22 minutes with a ¥100 card. Calls to the US and Canada are said to be another 20% cheaper.


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