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Home Communication & Others What Is the Electrical Fitting in China?
What Is the Electrical Fitting in China?
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If you are planning on using a foreign electrical device in China you may need a plug-in adaptor and a voltage converter.

Electrical current in China is 220V and 50Hz AC. To choose the proper voltage converter first check the labeling of your electrical device(s) to find out the voltage and wattage. You need a voltage converter that can handle a higher or equal wattage than that of the device that it is to be used with. You should also bring your surge protector in order to safeguard sensitive and expensive items such as laptops against power surges.

China has different shaped plug-in connections for power cords. There are two basic kinds, one is a three-headed flat and diagonally positioned connection and a two pin parallel connection. You can bring an adaptor set with you or buy one in an electronics store in China.


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